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Microsoft: Windows 10 has an install base of 16% (November 2015)

It is difficult to find out how well -- or not -- Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 is doing, and whether it is likely that Microsoft will hit the 1 billion or more devices running the operating system in two to three years after launch.

The company has been tight lipped about the progress, and revealed numbers only sporadically in the past.

Piratebay Stream It: stream media torrents directly

Piratebay Stream It is a new option on the popular torrent indexing website that enables users of the service to stream media torrents directly instead of downloading them using a torrent client.

Streaming is on the rise and services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime offer access to traditional TV and movie formats as well as originals and exclusives produced for these individual services.

Tampermonkey for Firefox released

The author of Tampermonkey, a popular script loader for Chromium-based web browsers, has released a beta port of the add-on for the Firefox web browser.

The browser extension is only compatible with Firefox 46 and newer at the time of writing (the current stable version of Firefox is version 44.0.1). If things go as planned, Firefox 46 will be released to the stable channel on April 19, 2016.

Steam uses insecure, out-of-date Chromium browser

Valve has integrated a custom version of the Chromium web browser in its Steam client that displays web content to Steam users.

If the past couple of weeks have shown anything, it is that custom Chromium or Chrome versions are a security risk more often than not.

Google analyzed third-party implementations of its Chromium browser recently, and came to the conclusion that they made user systems less secure despite claiming the opposite.

The main reason for this was that companies disabled security features of the Chromium browser, or circumvented them.

Grab 2GB of permanent Google storage by completing a Security Checkup

Complete the Google Security Checkup today to add 2 Gigabyte of additional permanent storage to your Google Account.

Google runs a special promotion on Safe Internet Day -- just like it did last year -- that awards Google account owners with an increase of 2 Gigabyte of permanent storage if they complete the company's Security Checkup.

The checkup takes less than a minute to complete and will net you another 2 Gigabyte of storage to your account.

You may remember that Google ran the same promotion last year as well.

Load Web Links faster with Chromer for Android

Chromer is a free application for Android devices that has been designed to speed up the loading of web links from any application by using Android's Chrome Custom Tabs feature.

Whenever you open a link in a third-party application on your Android device, say a link posted by a friend to WhatsApp, you are either asked what you want to do with it, or it is opened directly in the default system browser.

Windows 10 PC’s phone home even after privacy hardening

When you install Windows 10 on a new PC or upgrade an existing version of Windows to the new operating system, you get the option to customize select preferences or use the defaults instead.

If you select to customize, you get the option to disable three pages full of features related to privacy.

While that is a good start at limiting Windows 10's hunger for data, it is nowhere near sufficient to keep the operating system from talking with Microsoft servers regularly.

MyRouter Log: backup your modem or router log

MyRouter Log is a free program for the Windows operating system that enables you to back up modem or router log information for safekeeping or analysis on a PC running Windows.

The program has been designed by its author to listen to log file broadcasts from ADSL modems or routers supporting them.

While these devices allow you to access log information directly in a dashboard or administrative interface, it is often easier to analyze information on the PC directly.

Additionally, routers may lose log information if the device crashes or if data becomes corrupt.

Pure URL removes optional URL parameters

Pure URL is a free browser extension for all recent versions of Firefox and Google Chrome -- and likely also Firefox-based and Chrome-based browsers like Pale Moon or Opera -- that removes optional parameters from URLs automatically.

Keep an eye on PC hardware use with My System Monitor

My System Monitor is a free program for the Microsoft Windows operating system that displays realtime information about PC hardware use in a toolbar at the top of the screen.

It can sometimes be useful to keep an eye on things, for instance to to keep an eye on the load of the processor, RAM, hard drives and the computer network.

While you can use a variety of programs for that, for instance the Windows Task Manager, most need to be opened whenever you want to access the information.


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