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How to change Firefox’s automatic update behavior

If you have automatic updates enabled in Firefox, the browser will check for updates periodically by querying a Mozilla server.

How to remove, move or rename Firefox menu items

When you right-click on a web page in Firefox you get a context menu.

Replace text on any website with FoxReplace for Firefox

Have you ever encountered a website on the Internet that uses a word or phrase that you dislike?

Flickr removes Facebook and Google sign-in option

Up until now you had several options to create a Flickr account and sign in to the account afterwards.

How to remember the media position when using VLC Media Player

I was asked some time ago why I'm using two media players on my system, SMPlayer and VLC Media Player.

Quickly edit music tags with Windows Explorer add-on AudioShell

If you like your music collection clean and tidy, you are probably spending a considerable amount of time managing it.

How to delete pages from PDF documents

PDF Jumbler is a great cross-platform program for 

How Google is tracking you, and how to avoid it

Tracking is an essential part of online advertising.

Easy 7-zip improves 7-Zip in several ways

I have a love hate relationship with 7-Zip.

Yaffmi is a free easy to use video converter for Windows

There are so many video converters available for the Windows operating system that it has become difficult to keep an overview.


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