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How to use OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature

Microsoft revealed plans recently to bring back the placeholder feature of the company's file hosting and syncing service OneDrive.

Files On-Demand, the new name of the feature, was added to recent Windows 10 Insider Builds already, and the company plans to release the feature with the Fall Creators Update that will be out in a couple of months.

Microsoft did limit the supported file systems of OneDrive to NTFS for that change though, and was rightfully criticized for making the change without prior announcement.

Microsoft Security Updates July 2017 release

Microsoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on July 11, 2017.

The following guide provides you with in-depth information on the July 2017 Microsoft Patch Day. It starts with an executive summary that covers important to-know bits about the updates.

What follows is the distribution of updates for individual operating systems, server and client, and other Microsoft products.

Jump: subscription-based Indie Gaming service

Jump is a subscription-based Indie gaming service that is available for various desktop operating systems and as a Web-based version.

Are game subscription services becoming the next big thing? The makers of Jump seem to think so. The service is in beta currently until July 24th and will launch officially later this year.

Out of Process Web Extensions in Firefox Nightly

Firefox Nightly users on Windows may configure the web browser to move Web Extensions to their own process in the most recent builds.

Mozilla's work on Firefox's multi-process architecture continues. The organization rolled out the new architecture to Firefox Stable this year, and increased the number of multi-process content processes in the recently released Firefox 54 for some systems as well.

Google Chrome: password export and import

Google Chrome users can import saved passwords from Internet Explorer or Safari, but Google never added an option to the browser to import or export passwords using the browser's UI.

While Chrome users may use sync to synchronize their passwords to other devices they use Chrome on, users who don't use sync or want to import Chrome passwords into another browser cannot use that functionality.

Microsoft 365: Windows and Office subscription bundle

Microsoft 365 is a new subscription-based service by Microsoft that includes Windows,Office 365 and Windows Mobility in a single package.

Announced officially on July 10, 2017 by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team on the official Office blog, Microsoft 365 is the next step in Microsoft's transformation to a company that moves from traditional software sales to subscription-based services.

Google News Alternatives

Google launched a new design for the company's Google News service recently which Google stated was a long overdue modernization of it.

As is the case with most fundamental changes to a service, Google has not received only love for the change but also criticism.

Caffeine: prevent sleep on Android devices

Caffeine is a free application for Android devices that prevents sleep, lock or screen dimming automatically or manually.

Power saving modes are essential on mobile devices as these modes will preserve battery when active. That's handy on the one hand, but not so handy in other situations.

Take chat applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for instance. If you don't write for a minute or so, your device may enter the power saving state already depending on how it is configured.

GoldenDict: dictionary with Wikipedia integration

GoldenDict is a free cross-platform dictionary program with Wikipedia integration and support for global hotkeys to power its functionality.

Jack mentioned the dictionary back in 2010 in his Linux Dictionary Tools overview, but I never reviewed the application for Windows.

While word definitions are just a click away in web browsers, as there are plenty of online services that provide you with information, you may sometimes prefer to use a desktop program.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Limit Windows Update bandwidth

Microsoft added a new feature to the Windows Update functionality of the most recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Insider build that allows you to limit the Windows Update bandwidth.

Microsoft did not mention the new feature in the Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16237 post on the official Microsoft website.


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