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April 2014

The Fox, Only Better adds style to Firefox Australis

If you like the new Firefox Australis theme that Mozilla will roll out next Tuesday to all users of the stable version of the browser, or do not like it but have in

Remove default applications on Windows 8 systems

The Windows 8 operating system ships with a set of default applications that are installed out of the box.

Project Naptha makes text on images selectable in Chrome

While you can select any text on any website using the mouse or other input methods, you cannot really do that if the text is displayed as an image.

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Have you ever wished you had your own "personal" computer technician? ComTek is the computer service that comes to you!


We specialize in servicing all brands PCs, Laptops, Workstations, Servers and Printers. On-site / Mobile Service at your business or home.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:


  • On site troubleshooting / repair / upgrading / training.
  • Wired or Wireless network design / installation / administration (LAN/WAN).
  • Server maintenance / security.
  • Virus and Malware detection / removal / protection and education.
  • Data backup and recovery.
  • Laptop and Handheld LCD Screen Replacement.
  • Time saving Pick-up and Drop-off service.
  • Comprehensive, "one-on-one" personal computer tutoring offered to Home and Business users.
  • Thorough computer cleaning and optimization to dramatically increase system speed!
  • The best guarantee in the business, "if we can't fix it, it's really broke!" and there will be No Charge!



All that at very affordable rates! So what are you waiting for? If your system seems slow, sluggish or is otherwise "acting up" Or if you just need to know how to do that certain something.


We are Certified Microsoft Professionals.


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    for your free quote!

  • NEW - ComTek Remote Support has been enabled!
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SkypeFreak dumps contact, call, message and profile information from Skype

The messaging software Skype uses a local database on the system to store all kinds of information in.

Slide Ninja synchronizes lecture slides with audio and notes

Recording the audio of a lecture is often a good idea as it provides you with options to play back the lecture whenever the need arises.

Convert Images to Google’s WebP image format

As a webmaster it pays to pay attention to trends and upcoming technologies that may help you improve the performance or other site metrics.

Windows Image Boot feature to reduce Windows storage space requirements

One of the things that Microsoft has been criticized for is the storage space requirement of the Windows operating system.


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