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May 2014

Yaffmi is a free easy to use video converter for Windows

There are so many video converters available for the Windows operating system that it has become difficult to keep an overview.

How to play videos on a locked Android device

I have downloaded a couple of videos recently -- some music, some documentary-style -- that I'd like to play on my Android phone while on the go.

How to mute a Windows PC automatically when it gets locked

Locking a PC can be useful to protect it from being accessed by bystanders while you are away.

List of TrueCrypt encryption alternatives

If you open the TrueCrypt website right now you are redirected to a page right now stating that TrueCrypt is not secure and recommending that you switch to Microsof

Microsoft launches myBulletins, a personalized security dashboard

Keeping up with all security releases that Microsoft publishes for its products may not be as easy as it sounds.

Firefox’s new context menu with icons on top

The new Firefox design Australis has not been out for a full release cycle in Firefox Stable yet, and Mozilla is already planning ahead to make additional changes t

Facebook to set post visibility to friends for new users

Facebook is known for its notoriously complex privacy settings that even experienced users have a hard time configuring correctly.


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