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August 2014

How to display and export all Skype contacts

Skype displays the list of contacts in its interface on desktop computer systems. Here you see each contacts status, can add contacts to the favorites, or view a person's profile for additional information.

There is however no option to display information about all contacts in list form. While you see all handles in Skype, other information become only available for individual contacts you select.

The best desktop weather programs for Windows

The Internet has simplified how we access weather information. Before that, you had to rely on the newspaper, TV, or phone to get weather information. With the rise of the Internet came dedicated websites that provide you with the information you require in real-time at all time.

Nowadays, apps are available that run on your smartphone or tablet at all times to provide you with weather information.

Firefox 34 to ship with lightweight theme suggestions

The Firefox web browser supports two types of themes: lightweight themes which were formerly known as Personas and are now commonly referred to as background themes or simply themes, and as a second type complete themes.

The difference between the two is that lightweight themes are limited in to what they can change in the browser. This means that you usually get a new background image for the browser but that is about it while complete themes may change icons and other user interface elements as well.

Calibre 2.0 ships with ebook editor and other improvements

Managing a collection of ebooks on your desktop system, be it Windows,Linux or Mac, may not be the easiest thing to do due to a lack of programs that let you do so.

While you can use online services such as Google Books for that, it means moving all your documents to the cloud to a remote server you have zero control over.

Pangobright is a screen dimming tool with multi-monitor support

When it comes to the brightness of the monitor, you have two core options to adjust it if you feel it is too bright or too dark. You can use the brightness setting of the monitor to modify it, or use software running on the computer to do so.

While the first option may be ideal in many situations, it can lead to side effects such as the monitor starting to make a buzzing sound all of suddenly.

How to remove Google Chrome’s “You” Menu

If you are running a cutting edge version of Google Chrome, Canary for example, you may have noticed the new "You" menu at the top right of the browser.

As it stands, it will eventually be moved to other versions of the browser including beta and stable versions.

So what is it for? It is a menu for Google Chrome's profile manager. It enables you to create multiple profiles, for instance for different users who share the same computer or activity-based, and also to run Chrome using a guest profile.

WizMouse enables you to mouse-scroll all windows

When I write a new article I tend to have two browser windows aligned next to each other that span the whole screen. One displays the WordPress admin dashboard, the other is used for research while I write the article.

This can be a quick word look up on a dictionary site like, a program web page, or a web forum where a related topic is discussed.

Mozilla resolves "Firefox is already running" shutdown issue

When it comes to running Firefox on Windows, the dreaded "Firefox is already running" error message when trying to launch the browser on the system is highly annoying.

This happens under certain circumstances, usually when the Firefox profile is still locked on the system while a new instance of the browser is being started.

This happens for instance if Windows tries to start Firefox while the previous instance of the browser has not been terminated (yet) correctly.

The best keyword-powered program launchers for Window

Windows users have several options when it comes to launching applications or opening files on their system. From placing programs in the system's taskbar, on the desktop or start menu, to using the start menu or browsing to the location on the hard drive manually.

The main idea behind application launchers is to speed up that process. Ideally, all you have to do is enter what you are looking for in the program's interface to load it right from there.

Download Instagram Photos and Videos to your PC

Instagram is a popular mobile application that enables you to create and share photos and videos. Part of the service's success comes from its social networking components and adaption by celebrities.

Some of the appeal of the application comes from the fact that you can follow other users. If you want to see the latest public photos or videos of Justin Bieber, one of the Kardashians or The Rock, you can do so easily using the app.


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