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August 2014

Block Flash contents from playing automatically in Firefox

One of the most annoying things on the Internet are auto-playing contents. This can be a video that suddenly starts playing with or without sound, a bright flashy ad that makes you dizzy just by looking at it, or audio-only contents.

Not only can this be highly irritating considering that it is not always clear where audio may be coming from, but also because it is distracting and may impact the load of the system as well.

Chrome’s Device Mode feature: emulate mobile devices quickly

As a webmaster, you not only have to make sure that the right contents are displayed to desktop users but also that mobile users are served correctly.

This can be a big issue considering that you cannot possible test all possible operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions these devices use, at least not without emulation or some software help.

The best wallpaper downloaders for Windows

One of the first things I do when I install Windows is to personalize the operating system afterwards. On Windows 7, this means switching to a basic theme and changing the default wallpaper of the system in the process as well.

While it is possible to pick pictures locally, for instance from your digital camera photo archive or previously downloaded wallpapers, you sometimes may want more options and choices.

Todo Backup 7, new smart backup feature and interface

Todo Backup Free made our top drive backup list recently. EaseUS, the company behind the product, has released version 7.0 which introduces several new features and improvements.

The backup program is still available as a free version that you can use for the majority of backup related tasks. While there are Home and Workstation editions available that are not free, they add only features to the application that are usually not requested by the majority of users.

Convert ebooks like a Pro with TEBookConverter

There are so many ebook formats out there that it is difficult to keep an overview of them all. While some formats are more popular than others, pdf and epub are for instance more popular than lrf or txtz, it is safe to say that you that ebooks will be made in different formats to you.

That's a problem. Not only because your ebook reader may not support all of the formats, but also because of how contents are displayed.

One solution that you have is to convert ebooks to a preferred format which resolves all the issues that you would face otherwise.

Audials for Android lets you play and record thousands of radio stations

I listen to non-fictional audiobooks usually when I'm out of the house and not music which most other smartphone owners seem to prefer.

That's the main reason why I don't stream music, be it from a service such as Google Play or Internet Radio, to the device as well.

If you have different preferences, you may find Audials for Android interesting. The application makes available more than 63.000 radio stations from all over the world that you can tune in right away and even record to your device.

A first look at Firefox’s new Share this Page feature

Back in the good old days, when you wanted to share something, you used email, messaging clients, IRC, the Usenet or forums for that.

Today, sharing is all about sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus where you share pages and services that you like to friends and complete strangers.

Most webmasters maintain one or multiple social media accounts for their sites and share updates on those social sites to spread the word and get some users interested in visiting the site.

Fast Search for eBay speeds up your eBay searches when using Chrome

When eBay started, I used the site a lot to buy and sell items of interest. While that included mostly video games and systems such as the Sega Genesis, Saturn or Dreamcast, I used the site to buy other items of interest and to just browse various categories in search for the next bargain.

This time has come to an end mostly, and I'm not sure it is because I stopped buying all these products or because eBay changed fundamentally over the years.

Bookmarks Manager enabled in Opera 25

When Opera Software switched from the company's own Presto rendering engine to Chromium/Blink, part of the browser's userbase criticized the company for it.

Among the points the community made was that the new Opera lacked many features of the old Opera browser such as proper bookmarking support.

How to uninstall Windows Updates

When Microsoft released this month's updates for its Windows operating system, no one could foresee the troubles it would cause some customers of the system.

Shortly after installing the update, some customers experienced blue screen of death errors which prevented the system from booting into the operating system or even safe mode.


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