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December 2014

Progress: Gmail users can attach Google Drive files, not links, in emails now

Email is without doubt not the best format when it comes to file transfers. While it works great for small files, mail server limitations prevent it from being useful for larger files.

Companies like Google or Mozilla added features to their clients to use file hosting services to overcome the issue.

Hide, lock or protect folders and files in Windows using Secure Folders

Secure Folders is a free program for Windows that is available as a portable version and installer. It can be used to hide or lock folders, set them to read-only or block the execution of files.

If you share your computer at times, for instance in your family or when friends or colleagues ask you whether they can access it, then you may want an option to protect certain files or folders from accidental exposure.

Priv8 adds sandboxed tabs to Firefox

While Mozilla is still hard at work to integrate the multi-process architecture e10s in Firefox which is a prerequisite for sandboxing in the browser, add-on developers are already one step ahead of the organization.

Replace the Windows 10 Start Menu with a classic Start Menu

Microsoft plans to launch the Windows 10 operating system in 2015. One of the changes that the company introduces in it is a new start menu that mixes the classic Windows 7 start menu with app-specific features such as tiles.

While that is a step forward for users who disliked the removal of the start menu in Windows 8, it may not be enough for some.

Microsoft added customization options to the Windows 10 start menu that users of the operating system can make use of to remove all app tiles if they so desire.

Bitdefender: smartphone to smarthwatch communication is not secure

Security and privacy is not really at the top of the list of features that most consumers want when they select a smartphone or a smartwatch.

It does play a huge role for some users, many ComTeks readers for example, but the masses seem more interested in looks and having the latest and greatest features than anything else.

Convert cbr and cbz comic books to save space

Digital comic books are often provided as simple archives in the formats cbz, cbr or cbt to name a few which include all the pages of the comics as images.

That's why it is possible to open these files in compression software like 7-Zip to access individual images or extract them all.

The images that are included in a comic book archive may have different resolutions and quality levels usually ranging from a width of 1024 to 1920.

How To Completely Uninstall Google Chrome from Windows, Mac, Linux

Google Chrome is a great browser, but sometimes it just starts acting odd. Then we are left with no choice but to re-install it to bring back order. But at times clicking on the Uninstall Google Chrome shortcut in the Start menu has no effect, neither does clicking on the “Remove” button in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Then how to remove it manually? Is there any way?

How to join the Skype Translator Preview right now

Microsoft revealed in May 2014 that it is working on real-time translation for Skype. While machine translation is not a new concept, real-time translation of voice communication in this magnitude is.

Translation services such as Google Translate or Bing Translator have been part of the Internet for many years. They can be used to translate text or web pages from one language into the other.

Mozilla improves password management in Firefox for Android

Firefox is not only available for desktop systems but also for mobile operating systems such as Android (and probably iOS as well in the near future).

This means that Firefox users can sync their data, passwords and bookmarks for example, between devices so that they are available everywhere.

While it is possible to sync passwords and make use of them, and to save new passwords to Firefox for Android, password management itself is not available right now.

Internet Explorer Developer Tools update brings horizontal toolbar

Microsoft rolled out an update recently that changed the interface of the Internet Explorer Developer Tools significantly.

Most modern browsers ship with a set of developer tools included. These tools can be used for a variety of purposes, from checking what gets loaded when you connect to a website to a website's source code and JavaScript that gets executed.


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