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December 2014

Improvements coming to Firefox’s real-time chat feature Hello

Mozilla announced Firefox Hello back in October 2014 and launched the feature in Firefox 34 Stable just a couple of days ago.

It is a real-time communication module that works right from within the browser without any other dependencies. This means no plugin or third-party software requirement that needs to be met.

Jovial Notepad is a Windows text editor with encryption support

The default Windows text editor Notepad is not a bad program but it is severely limited in many regards including file size. That's why there are so many text editor replacements available for Windows including popular choices such as NotePad++ or Sublime Text.

Jovial Notepad is bare bones in comparison to many replacements even though it ships with everything that the majority of users need.

A second look at VeraCrypt, an unofficial TrueCrypt successor

When the TrueCrypt developers announced that they would quit developing the encryption software because of it not being secure, many users of the software did not know what to make of the announcement.

What became clear quickly was that TrueCrypt development would not continue in this form and that others would have to take over for development to continue.

Search on Amazon, eBay and other shops simultaneously with PricePirates

It makes sense to compare prices before you buy anything. Even if you have your favorite shopping destination on the Internet, be it Amazon, eBay or another site, it is possible that other sites beat its price when it comes to select items.

PricePirates is a free program for Windows, Windows RT, Max OS X and iOS, that provides you with options to compare the price of items you are interested in easily.

While its main functionality is price comparison, it can also be used to display items on supported sites faster and more convenient.

Ghostery releases Privacy Browser for Android

Android users have quite the selection of mobile browsers at their disposal. From stock browsers to Firefox and hundreds of other browsers.

A new addition to the list is Ghostery Privacy Browser, a browser created by Ghostery, a company best known for its privacy tool which blocks trackers and other elements on websites that you visit.

Ghostery itself is available as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Dropbox Forum have been offline for almost a month

I use Dropbox occasionally to transfer screenshots taken on my Moto G Android device to my Windows PC. While there are other ways to do the same thing, it is comfortable and since I run Dropbox only when needed on the computer, it is not using resources most of the time.

I have published a guide that explains how to stop Dropbox from starting with Windows which is useful if you only use the program occasionally like I do.

Google’s reCAPTCHA improves the CAPTCHA verification process

I hate CAPTCHAs, I really do. Those "verify that you are really a human and not a bot" widgets that Internet users encounter regularly when they sign up for new services, fill out comment forms or perform other activities on the Internet.

The main issue that I have with the whole CAPTCHA technology is that they slow me down considerable. Not only do I have to decipher characters, it happens that you enter the wrong characters because the CAPTCHA is not clear enough.

Plus, I know that I'm human which makes it seem ridiculous to prove that I'm.

Opera 26 Stable for Linux now available

Phew, that took a long time. When Opera Software announced the switch from its own browsing engine to Chromium users noticed immediately that many things were not as they were before.

The browser itself lacked a lot of features including syncing, bookmarks, themes, customization options, preferences and a lot more. On top of all that, it was only released for Windows and Mac OS systems and not for Linux.

This changed earlier this year when Opera started to release development versions for Linux.

All you need to know about Steam’s Broadcast mode

Steam is growing and Valve seems to add new features to the gaming client in regular intervals.

The latest addition to Steam is the broadcast mode which enables users to stream and watch games using nothing but the Steam client.

The feature launched in beta yesterday and it will take some time before it lands in the stable version of Steam.


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