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March 2016

Clean Uninstall: remove add-on preferences on removal

Clean Uninstall is a brand new browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that provides you with options to remove add-on preferences from extensions that you uninstall in the browser.

One of the shortcomings of Firefox's current add-on system is that preferences that extensions create during installation are not removed when you uninstall those add-ons in the browser.

This is similar to how things are on Windows systems, where the native uninstall routines of software often leaves traces behind in form of files, folders and Registry keys.

Hide elements on a page in Chrome, Firefox and Edge temporarily

Some web pages annoy the hell out of me with page elements they display to me when I'm opening them in a web browser.

Maybe it is this silly "we use cookies" notification that every site under the sun seems to use these days, an on-top prompt to sign up for the newsletter, an ad that overlays content because of bad programming, or something else that is distracting or keeping me from accessing the content.

My reaction depends on a number of factors including how much I want to access the content, the annoyance that is displayed, and if it is a site that I visit regularly.


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