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March 2016

Block Firefox Chrome from opening Windows Store automatically

If you work on a Windows 10 system you may have noticed that Windows Store may get opened automatically whenever you open a Windows application link in a web browser on the system.

Take this link for example which leads to the store page of the game Monster Go. If you click on it in a browser on Windows 10, the games' page on the Microsoft Store websites gets opened, and so does the Windows Store application and the game's page there.

Remove continue watching items on Netflix

The following guide explains how to remove continue watching items on Netflix so that they don't show up anymore on the site's frontpage.

As soon as you start watching movies or TV show episodes on Netflix, they are added to the continue watching listing that appears on Netflix's homepage.

NoScript Beginner’s Guide

This NoScript Beginner's Guide has been designed to provide new Firefox or NoScript users with information on how the browser add-on works. I

NoScript is a long standing security add-on for Firefox that is rated highly on Mozilla AMO and quite popular with more than 2.3 million users.

It is often confused with ad-blockers, and while it does that to, it is much more than that and the ad-blocking is more of a side-effect of the extension's functionality than something it has been designed for.

Nik Collection by Google is now free

Google's Nik Collection, a desktop suite of powerful image editing plugins for Adobe Photoshop and other imaging solutions, is now freely available.

The company bought Nik Software, makers of Snapseed and Nik Collection, back in 2012, to improve its own photo-editing tools and digital imaging offerings.

Nik Collection has been offered as a commercial desktop suite ever since, but this changes with today's announcement that Nik Collection is available freely as of March 24, 2016.

Firefox Location Bar Mastery

Second part in the Back To Basics series. The location bar is a central feature of the Firefox web browser as it is used to enter URLs, keywords or search terms.

While you may think there is not much to it, Firefox offers quite a few customization options and features that will improve how you work with the location bar in the browser.

Install multiple programs at once with these convenient tools

If you ever had to set up a new Windows computer from scratch, you know how time consuming it can be to install all the programs you need on the machine.

While you could use specifically prepared Windows images to install all the required programs automatically during the installation of the operating system, it is not something that most users do as the process itself is rather technical.

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser

Avast SafeZone Browser is one of the components that may gets added to your Windows machine when you install the antivirus solution.

It is selected by default and if you don't select the customize option in the installer to pick the modules that you want installed, will be installed on your system.

BurnAware 9.0 burning software released

BurnAware is a burning software for the Windows operating system that is available as a free, premium and professional version.

While I don't burn that much data anymore to discs using programs like ImgBurn or BurnAware, I use them occasionally to burn disc images or media to disc, especially when I burn media for others or want to watch videos on the TV and not the computer.

BurnAware 9.0 is the latest version of the popular burning software for Windows.

AVG PC TuneUp Review

AVG PC TuneUp is a commercial program that has been designed to identify and resolve issues on machines running the Windows operating system.

The program is the successor of TuneUp Utilities, a program that has been released until 2014 under the name before AVG renamed it to AVG PC TuneUp.

Latest Vivaldi update fixes video issues

The Vivaldi team builds new snapshots of the Vivaldi web browser regularly, and the latest snapshot fixes a freezing video issue on Windows 10, and adds a new tab switching option on top of that.

The team is working on the first stable release of the web browser, and if things go as planned, it should not take long anymore before it is released.

The latest snapshot of Vivaldi, version 1.0.429.5 includes one fix for video playback issues on Windows 10 devices, and a new tab switching option.


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