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March 2016

6 Opera Classic Features I wish modern browsers would integrate

The classic Opera web browser was ahead of its time in many regards for most of its existence. Despite that, it never managed to attract a large audience even though it did considerably well nevertheless.

Opera Software highlighted some of the innovations of the classic Opera browser as part of Opera's 15th birthday celebration and it shows how innovative Opera Software was.

Among the innovations are session management, full page zooming, browser tabs, web search integration or data synchronization.

Firefox Tab Mastery

First part in the Back To Basics series. While some users prefer to have one tab open at all times when they use a web browser like Firefox, most have probably more than one tab open in the browser most of the time.

Tab management becomes important the moment multiple tabs are open in a browser, but especially so if the count exceeds the visible range in Firefox's tab bar.

Who knows what is going on at Mozilla?

As a passionate Firefox user who values that browser more than any other currently on the market, I have seen Mozilla make a number of bad decisions in the past couple of years.

None of those managed to get me to the breaking-up point where I shed a tear and waved the browser goodbye for good but they have made me question why these decisions and implementations were made in first place.

I won't talk about Australis or Web Extensions here.

Find out if someone accessed your Netflix account

A hacked Netflix password can be purchased for as little as $0.25 on black market sites, and it is often the case that account owners or users don't realize that their account is being used by someone else.

There are a handful of indicators that someone unauthorized may be using your Netflix account, but there is only one surefire way of telling whether that is indeed the case.

Netflix’s Parental Control system could be better

One of Netflix's most interesting features is the ability to watch shows using the service on multiple screens at the same time.

That's great for families or shared apartments, as each household member gets their own profile with recommendations and settings.

The account owner may create secondary profiles for other household members, and restrict the type of content on those profiles.

The idea here is to limit what minors can watch when they use Netflix, and while that makes sense on first glance, how the system is set up is flawed.

Setting up a Pin on Windows 10 for authentication

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with several means of authentication, including Pin authentication to sign in to the operating system.

Most Windows 10 users are probably using passwords, either for a local or Microsoft account, to sign in to devices running Windows.

Windows 10 ships with several alternative options to sign in to a user account, namely Pin, Windows Hello and Picture Password.

Should PC Developers worry about Windows Store?

When Microsoft launched its Windows Store alongside its then new operating system Windows 8, it was for the most part a mobile store made available on the desktop as well.

There were no win32 applications offerings in the store, and it was clear that Microsoft had to fight an uphill battle in trying to convince users and developers to give the company's new store a chance.

Many developers ignored, and are still ignoring, Windows Store even while new features and improvements are introduced to it by Microsoft.

One Step Closer to Stable: Vivaldi Beta 3 released

Vivaldi Beta 3 has been released on March 4, 2016. The, hopefully last beta of the up and coming web browser Vivaldi introduces new features such as a session manager or tab specific zooming and hibernation options.

Vivaldi, hinted at in 2014 and revealed to the public in January 2015 for the first time, is in my opinion the most promising new browser in regards to user control, interface modification support, customization options and features.

Manage Snap functionality in Windows 10

Microsoft added features to the "snap window" functionality that it added back when it released the Windows 7 operating system in Windows 10.

The feature introduced in Windows 7 enabled you to snap two windows side by side on the screen so that they would both take up half the screen space, or snap a window to the top to display it in fullscreen mode.

Optimal Access reenvisions Tab Groups in Firefox

Optimal Access is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that reenvisions how Tab Groups work in the browser.

Mozilla announced some time ago that it would remove the built-in tab grouping functionality of Firefox, citing lack of use and development focus on more important parts of the browser as reasons for the decision.


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