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October 2016

Chrome performance optimizations on Windows

Google announced today that the company's Chrome 53 web browser is up to 15% faster on Windows thanks to a technique called Profile Guided Optimizations.

Three methods to clear the Windows Clipboard

The following guide provides you with three methods to clear the Windows Clipboard from content that it holds at the time.

Microsoft has not improved the clipboard functionality of its Windows operating system in a long time. Even the Windows 10 version allows you to only hold one entry in the Clipboard at all times. When you copy something new, the old is no longer available.

Duplicate File Finder AllDup 4.0 released

AllDup 4.0 has been released; the popular duplicate file finder for the Microsoft Windows operating system ships with search, interface, and customization improvements.

You may download the new version of the program  as a portable version that you can run from any location after download and extraction, or as an installer if you prefer it that way.

The program opens with an interface that has been redesigned. Especially the iconography is different and may be easier to understand for first time users.

FastStone Image Viewer 6.0 released

FastStone Image Viewer 6.0 is the latest version of the popular image browser, converter and editor for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The new version of the application introduces a -- very comfortable -- new option to jump between servers while using it to viewing images among other things.

Nothing has changed in regards to how the program is offered: FastStone Image Viewer 6.0 is free for home use, and can be downloaded as a portable version or installer for users who prefer that. The program is ad-free and comes with a no-spyware guarantee.

Mozilla cuts website access to Battery API in Firefox 52

Mozilla has made the decision to cut website access to the Battery Status API in Firefox 52 to improve user privacy while using the browser.

Firefox: uBlock Origin WebExtension released

Gorhill, creator of the popular uBlock Origin content blocker has released the first WebExtension version of uBlock Origin for Firefox.

WebExtension add-ons are already supported by Firefox to a degree. It is a work in progress however and differences in what is supported can be significant between different versions of the browser.

Export your Vine videos to Giphy

Twitter announced last week that it plans to shut down its "six seconds or less" video service Vine in the coming months.

The company is going through financial turmoil currently, and as part of the restructuring of Twitter, it made the decision to put Vine to rest.

Be part of “Big Brother” in Orwell

Orwell is a game about the surveillance state. What makes it interesting are a couple of things: first that you are part of the system, and second that its first episode is available for free.

You are one of the first employees that gains access to the government's new Orwell system in the game Orwell. Using it, you sift through public and private records of suspects and people, look up information, and put them all together in files.

The first episode begins with an intro that shows people eating, walking and talking to each other in a park called Freedom Plaza.

Firefox 50 delayed a week: ships with noticeable startup improvements

Mozilla Firefox 50, the next release version of the web browser, won't come out on November 8, 2016 but a week later on November 15, 2016 instead.

Firefox ESR will be released a week later as well to come out at the same day as Firefox 50.

The reason for the change is quite positive for users of the web browser: Mozilla wants to include improvements made to the browser's startup in Firefox 50.

AtomBombing: Zero-Day Windows exploit

Ensilo security researchers have discovered a new zero-day exploit in Windows that attackers can make use of to inject and execute malicious code.

The researches call the exploit AtomBombing because of its use of a Windows function called Atom Tables.

What's particularly interesting about the exploit is that it does not rely on security vulnerabilities in Windows components but native Windows functions.

This means, according to the researchers, that Microsoft won't be able to patch the issue.


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