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February 2018

Ubuntu wants to collect more diagnostic data

Canonical's Will Cooke revealed in an email to the Ubuntu development list that the company plans to collect more diagnostic data from desktop.

Many programs and operating systems collect diagnostic data. While the degree varies from program to program, it is fair to say that diagnostic data may provide developers with insights into issues and feature popularity.

Missing Google Images' "View Image" button? Use Startpage Image Search instead

So, Google pulled the "view image" button on the company's Google Images search engine recently leaving many users puzzled.

Google removed the button after the company entered an agreement with Getty Images. Back then it was not clear if the agreement would make Google remove the "view image" button from all images or only those by Getty Images.

How to install optional updates on Windows 10

Microsoft moved the update functionality from the Control Panel to the Settings application in Windows 10.

If you compare the functionality, you may notice that Windows 10 lacks options to display or install optional updates.

Optional updates can be Microsoft updates, products or third-party products or updates. A check on a Windows 10 Professional system returned various Intel driver updates as well as Microsoft Silverlight as optional updates or installations.

Using LibreOffice as a PDF Editor

LibreOffice is a powerful open source cross-platform Office suite that works in many regards just like Microsoft Office.

While you can use LibreOffice apps to edit spreadsheets or Word documents, you may use it as well to create, edit and save PDF documents.

Google may remove View Image button on Google Images

Getty Images announced today that it has come to an agreement with Google that includes a global licensing partnership between the two companies and accompanying changes to Google Images.

If you search for images on Google Images right now, you may click on the "view image" button on the results page to load (an often) larger version of the linked image directly.

Disable the touchpad of your Windows 10 device when you connect a mouse

Most laptops come with touchpads that let users control the mouse cursor and buttons on the device. Newer versions support even more features, usually in the form of taps, drags or other gestures.

While that is handy in situations where no mouse is connected to the device, it may not be required or even desirable when a mouse is connected to the laptop.

Touchpads have come a long way, but they may still interfere with specific activity on a machine. You may move the cursor accidentally for instance while typing, or they may interfere with games that you play.

Watch Netflix in 1080p on Linux and unsupported browsers

The Netflix video quality that streams are delivered in depends on a number of factors. There is the customer's Internet line which may affect it but also the device, operating system and program used to stream Netflix videos.

Play audio only on YouTube to save bandwidth

Audio Only YouTube is a browser extension for Google Chrome to play the audio stream of YouTube videos only.

The video hosting site YouTube offers no option to play only the audio track of videos. While that is probably not desirable in many cases, it is beneficial in a few cases.

Installing Kodi using Ubuntu based systems

Kodi has become probably the largest media center application in use today across a broad range of devices. I remember first using Kodi when it was called XBMC for Xbox Media Center.


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