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February 2018

Firefox 59: Referer Path Stripping in Private Browsing

Mozilla plans to strip path information from the referer when visiting third-party sites starting in Firefox 59 Stable. The new feature applies to the browser's private browsing mode only.

Web browsers provide sites with information when connections are initiated. Part of this is the referer value which holds the path of the referring site.

eBay wants to intermediate payments

Online marketplace eBay announced today that it plans to intermediate payments on all eBay marketplaces in the coming years.

The company signed an agreement with global payments processor Adyen which makes Adyen the primary payments processing partner on the eBay platform.

LibreOffice 6.0 is out

The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 6.0 Final, a new version of the free and open source Office suite, for all supported operating systems yesterday.

The new version of the application is available for all supported desktop operating system -- Linux, Mac OS and Windows -- and as a cloud version.

The new version of the Office program does not support Windows Vista,  Windows XP, or Mac OS 10.8 anymore. LibreOffice 6.0 requires at least Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on Windows machines and Mac OS 10.9 on Mac OS systems.


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