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May 2018

The fight of Manjaro Budgie

So, I’ve been gone for a little while to finish school (I did well!) and got a new (to me) computer. I had issues with it from the moment I bought it, on a sketchy classifieds deal...

Configure Two-Step Authentication for Firefox Accounts

Anyone may create a Firefox Account. The account is used for a number of purposes such as syncing browser data between different profiles or devices, commenting or rating add-ons on Mozilla's add-on site, and other interactions with Mozilla and Firefox services.

Firefox Accounts did not support two-factor authentication up until now but that changes with yesterday's announcement by Mozilla.

Extract email addresses and other data from files on Windows

RegexCaptor is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may run on any number of files to extract email addresses and other data from them.

The program was created to "extract email addresses from bounced emails" so that they could be removed from a mailing list.

While that is the program's primary purpose, it was designed in a way so that it can be used to extract any kind of text data from files.

Notepad gets extended line endings support in Windows 10

Notepad is the default plain text editor on all supported versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system. The editor is popular because of its integration with Windows and its fast loading performance; it has serious disadvantages as well, however.

Notepad can't be used to open larger text files and the text editor did not display text files created on Unix, Linux or Mac OS X machines correctly.

Notepad displayed the text continuously which meant that it appeared garbled in the editor as it was displayed without any line breaks.

Microsoft plans to change Alt-Tab behavior on Windows 10

Windows users have several keyboard shortcuts at their disposal when it comes to switching between different programs or tabs on the operating system.

They can use Alt-Tab to switch program windows, Ctrl-Tab to switch between tabs of a single window, and use Windows-Tab to display an overview of all open program windows and links to virtual desktops in a fullscreen interface.

Microsoft announced on the Build 2019 developer conference that Alt-Tab behavior may change in one of the next feature update releases for Windows 10.

Firefox 60.0 release overview

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 Stable and Firefox 60 ESR later today. The new version of the web browser moves the Firefox ESR channel from version 52.x to 60.x. That's a major move considering that Firefox 52.x is a pre-Firefox 57 release that still supports legacy add-ons.

Firefox 60.0 ESR does not support legacy add-ons anymore and there are other fundamental differences between 52.x and 60.x such as dropped support for Windows XP or Vista, and no support for Java or Silverlight anymore.

Microsoft Windows Security Updates May 2018 release overview

Welcome to our Microsoft Windows Patch Day overview for the month of May 2018. Our overview lists all released security and non-security updates, and known issues for Microsoft's Windows operating system and other Microsoft products.

It begins with an executive summary that highlights the most important information. What follows is a the operating system distribution of vulnerabilities, and the list of released security and non-security updates for Microsoft products.

Windows 10: control Bitlocker during upgrades

When you upgrade a Windows 10 device protected by BitLocker to a new feature update version of Windows 10, for example from Windows 10 version 1703 to Windows 10 version 1803, BitLocker is suspended during the upgrade process.

Suspension does not mean that the entire drive gets decrypted during the process; instead, it makes the encryption key available "in the clear" so that data is "available to everyone".

Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR Differences

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR on Wednesday. While Firefox 60 is just another update for users of the stable channel, the same cannot be said for ESR (Extended Support Release) installations.

Firefox 60 ESR is a major upgrade that is available as an upgrade from Firefox 52 ESR. If you follow Firefox development, you know that major changes happened in the past couple releases and especially with the release of Firefox 57.

Google experiments with new Chrome New Tab Page options

Google Chrome users who run the cutting edge versions of the web browser, Google Chrome Canary in particular, have access to new experimental features to customize the browser's New Tab Page in the latest version.

The experiments give users options to set a custom background image for the New Tab Page, switch to link icons instead of most visited tiles, and enable Material Design user interface elements on the browser's New Tab Page.


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