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September 2018

Mozilla enables WebRender on qualifying Firefox Nightly installations

Mozilla enabled the new WebRender component of the Firefox web browser by default on Firefox Nightly installations that meet the system requirements.

WebRender is a new technology that makes better use of a device's video card to improve overall performance.

The project reached a new milestone recently when Mozilla activated WebRender by default on Nightly versions of the Firefox web browser if a supported Nvidia video card is installed and if the operating system is Windows 10. Mozilla ran a Shield Study before that to test WebRender on Firefox Nightly.

VeraCrypt encryption software review

VeraCrypt is an encryption software that is a fork of the discontinued TrueCrypt encryption software. It can best be described as a continuation of TrueCrypt that supports all features that TrueCrypt supported plus a set of improved or new features.

Since it is based on the popular application it supports options to create encrypted containers, encrypt entire hard drives and to encrypt the system partition of the computer system. The popular option to create hidden encrypted volumes is supported as well.

Microsoft confirms Disk Cleanup tool deprecation in Windows 10

Microsoft announced plans to deprecate the classic Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 10 on the official Windows and Windows Server storage blog.

Configure what Firefox does when you close a tab

What happens when you close a tab in the Firefox web browser? If only one tab is open, Firefox will close. If multiple tabs are open, Firefox will open the last activate tab in the browser provided there was one.

If there was none, Firefox will load the tab to the left of the closed tab or the tab to the right depending on the closed tabs position in the tab bar of the browser.

Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10

When you try to install the Firefox pr Chrome web browser on a recent Windows 10 version 1809 Insider build, you may notice that the installation gets interrupted by the operating system.

The intermediary screen that interrupts the installation states that Edge is installed on the device and that it is safer and faster than the browser that the user was about to install on the device.

How to prevent laptop CPU Throttling

Some manufacturers, for example Dell, throttle the CPU of a laptop automatically if the AC adapter used is not manufactured by Dell or can't be recognized.

You may notice huge performance drops when that happens. One solution is to purchase an AC adapter that is manufactured by Dell as it will resolve the issue immediately, another that you use software to overcome the throttling.

Download all Images extension for Chrome

Download all Images is a powerful browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser to download multiple images at once from any webpage.

You can download any single image you come across in Chrome or other browsers, usually with a right-click on the image and the selection of "save image as" or similar options.

If webpages prevent the saving of images by using scripts, you could still use a screenshot tool or extension to capture it.

Microsoft Windows Security Updates September 2018 release overview

Today is the second Tuesday of the month and that means that Microsoft has just released security updates for all supported company products.

The August 2018 Patch Day was rather uneventful, especially if you compare it to the July 2018 Patch Day which introduced quite a few serious issues.

Microsoft plans to release crippled Windows Server 2019 Essentials

Microsoft announced plans to release Windows Server 2019 Essentials alongside Windows Server 2019 today. Windows Server Essentials, the current retail version is Windows Server 2016 Essentials, is specifically designed to address the needs of small businesses.

Microsoft reveals how it determines the severity of security bugs

Microsoft published two security-related documents recently that describe how the company determines the severity level of vulnerabilities and how it decides when to release the updates.


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