September 2014

The features of the Windows 10 start menu

Microsoft announced Windows 10 yesterday during a media briefing in San Francisco and surprised the world with that name.

The company has uploaded video footage of the briefing to YouTube for everyone to see. One of the features of the new operating system that got demoed quite a bit during the briefing was the new start menu that the company plans to integrate into Windows 10.

Why the next version of Windows is Windows 10 and not 9

Microsoft revealed information about the next version of Windows today and one of the big surprises is that the next version of Windows will be Windows 10 and not Windows 9.

Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to be precise, is the current version of Windows which succeeded Windows 7. It felt natural to many that the next version of the operating system would be called Windows 9 because of that.

Names are not set in stone though as Microsoft has shown in the past. The move from Windows Vista to Windows 7 was not really expected either and it did work out quite well for the company.

A first look at Maxthon’s MxNitro browser

While the Maxthon browser has not reached the popularity of browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or even Opera yet, it has a loyal following that likes what it offers.

It may come as a surprise to many that the company Maxthon has created a second browser called MxNitro. Both web browsers don't share many similarities apart from the fact that they are created by the same company though.

Alt-Tab taking forever while playing games? Borderless Gaming comes to the rescue

Apps and games can run in three different modes on a desktop computer system. They can run in fullscreen mode, windowed mode or borderless mode.

All of these modes have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some modes get priority access to system hardware while others may offer faster Alt-Tab switching or improve streaming.

If Alt-Tab takes forever to leave the game or app, or if a streaming application does not support fullscreen mode, then you may not want to run a game in fullscreen mode after all.

Google Chrome gets experimental audio muting functionality

Depending on how you browse the web, you may have encountered situations where audio suddenly started to play in the browser.

It is sometimes easy to pinpoint the tab and location where the audio is coming from, while it may not be as easy at other times.

Browsers like Chrome offer audio indicators which help you identify tabs with audio elements that play at that point in time.

While that is great as an indicator, it still means that you have to display the website, locate the audio element and stop playback if you don't want it to continue.

Firefox soon to include Tor natively?

Many Internet users think that Mozilla has to step up its game to compete against the Chrome browser and see eye to eye with that browser when it comes to usage share and other metrics.

Firefox is without doubt still a formidable browser, loved by its users for its customization options, the add-ons, memory usage and the philosophy of Mozilla, the organization behind it.

Mozilla is however criticized as well, for focusing on the wrong feature additions for example or concentrating on mobile development.

Manage autostart entries with Quick Startup

Startup programs can delay the system startup significantly. While that is less of a problem on fast systems that use Solid State Drives or Raid configurations, it is still recommended to only start programs that need to be available this way.

Security software fits that perfectly for instance while programs such as quick starters, update checkers, or programs that you don't use regularly don't usually.

Quick Startup is a free autostart manager for Windows that provides you with options to manage startup programs in several different locations of the system.

RSSGuard is a new cross-platform desktop RSS Reader

RSSGuard did not make the best desktop RSS feed reader for Windows listing because I did not even know it existed back then. It would have made the list as it offers great functionality.

The program is a cross-platform application which means that it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The Windows version is portable which means that you can run it right after you have unpacked the archive on your system.

Windows Technical Preview information to give you a head start

Next week, probably on Tuesday but no day has been confirmed yet by Microsoft, a preview of the upcoming Windows 9 operating system will be made available to the public by the company.

Many Windows users, especially those disillusioned by the current operating system Windows 8, are looking forward to the release to find out how if it is more to their liking.

The core question for many is if it will be the Windows 7 update that they hoped Windows 8 would be or not.

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