October 2014

System Explorer 6.0 update brings action log and other enhancements

Most native Windows programs are fine for basic tasks or information retrieval but lack the feature richness of third-party programs.

The Windows Task Manager is just one of those native programs that works well in many situations but lacks features that some users require.

While it displays all processes for example, it won't list dependencies.

System Explorer is one popular alternative thanks to its rich set of features and portable nature.

Pastebin Manager is a file uploader and downloader for Pastebin

Pastebin is a free online service that enables anyone to upload text contents to the site to make those contents available to the public.

It is often used to leak information to the Internet including in the recent past information about hacks such as fappening or snappening.

The site has no account requirement for this functionality but provides account owners with additional functionality such as the ability to edit or delete contents on the site.

Avast’s HTTPS Scanning interferes with Firefox and other programs

Security companies such as AVG, Kaspersky or Avast release new versions of their products each year to the public. The updates do introduce new features from time to time and may also change the interface of the program as well.

Avast released its 2015 lineup recently and one of the new features that all of its antivirus programs ship with is HTTPS Scanning.

vTabs brings vertical tabs to Google Chrome (with one caveat)

When you compare Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, you will notice sooner or later that Firefox supports displaying contents in a sidebar while Chrome does not.

The Firefox browser ships with options to display the History or Bookmarks in a sidebar natively and add-ons extend that functionality further.

MouseFighter: emulate a computer mouse using a keyboard

Mouse and keyboard are the standard input devices on most desktop systems. While touch plays a big role in the mobile world, it is not going to replace mouse and keyboard as the number one input method on the desktop in the near future.

The main purpose of MouseFighter, a free software for the Windows operating system, is to emulate the mouse using the computer keyboard.

This can come in handy if a mouse is not available at the time, if the mouse broke or stopped working properly, or if a mouse cannot be used on the computer for other reasons.

YouTube supports 60 fps videos now

Frames per seconds and resolution are a big deal in the gaming world and it is usually the case that the more you get the better for the gaming experience.

While screen resolution is more or less self-explanatory, frames per second (fps) are not necessarily that easy to grasp. Basically, what this refers to is how many frames are displayed on the screen every second. The more frames the smoother the visuals on the screen.

Google releases Bookmark Manager extension for Chrome

The native bookmark manager of the Chrome browser is as basic as it gets. All it enables you to do is to search bookmarks, move them to and from folders, and to delete or edit them.

When you compare that to the Firefox bookmarks manager for example, you will notice that it is far superior. From options to sort bookmarks in multiple ways over extensive editing option to the display of additional information about each bookmark in the interface.

Add _nomap to your router’s SSID to have it ignored by Google and Mozilla

The service set identifier (SSID) is a unique identifier for a wireless network and commonly referred to as the network name.

It is used to identify the right network when connecting devices such as smartphones, game consoles, media devices, tablets or anything else that supports wireless connections.

The SSID is broadcasted by the access point, a router for instance, which often means that it can be picked up by other devices in the vicinity.

SRT Downloader downloads subtitles for all video files in a folder

When I have the choice to watch a movie with subtitles or a synchronized movie I always pick the one with subtitles. The same goes for other media such as games where I prefer the original over synchronized versions.

Here in Germany, you get everything synchronized especially on television and that is one of the core reasons why I don't watch any shows or movies on TV.

Most Blu-Ray and DVD movie and TV show releases ship with German and at least English audio which is great. When it comes to other languages, the situation is often different.

WikiTweaks for Chrome restyles Wikipedia to put focus on content

Wikipedia and its dozen or so companion sites are some of the most popular sites on the Internet. Alexa ranks Wikipedia as number six in the world for instance only surpassed by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Baidu.

When you visit the free encyclopedia in a web browser of choice and open an article on it, you will notice that the interface that it displays takes up quite some space on that page.

There is a sidebar menu for instance that links to various other Wikipedia pages, languages and tools to print or download articles.

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