March 2015

Noise Control brings tab audio indicators and muting to Firefox

One of the Chrome features that I like a lot is that the browser displays audio indicators if audio is played in a tab in it.

Even better, it offers options to mute that audio with a single click on the tab. Gone are the times where you had to mute the browser's sound output, go through tabs individually to find the offending page, or even close the browser completely to disable the sound from playing on your system.

Use Audacity to generate and save white noise audio files

White noise can be quite useful at times, for instance as a sleep or relaxation aid to mask other noises that may keep you awake or on edge.

Solutions vary a lot from audio files and audio CDs being sold that play a looping white noise sound over programs that you run on your computer to white noise machines.

Primetime Content Decryption Module by Adobe: What is it?

If you check Firefox's installed plugins right now, you may stumble upon one called Primetime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated if you are using a pre-release version of the browser.

I did not find it listed in stable versions of Firefox but it was included in Nightly versions of Firefox and is probably included in other versions of the browser as well.

As is the case with all of these plugins, they are enabled by default in the browser.

This is Microsoft’s new browser Spartan

Microsoft pushed out a new build to all Windows 10 Technical Preview users which includes the first official snapshot of the company's new browser Spartan.

You may have read about Spartan before on various sites as leaks of the browser were circulating in the darker corners of the web.

Project Spartan marks the beginning of something new as it is not just an iteration of Internet Explorer. In fact, Microsoft will ship Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10 as well to provide legacy support as Spartan won't.

Firefox 37: find out what is new

Mozilla will release new versions of the Firefox web browser for all supported channels later today.

This brings the stable version of the browser to version 37 while Beta, Aurora and Nightly versions are upgraded to 38, 39 and 40 respectively.

Firefox's Extended Support Release will be upgraded as well to version 31.6.

To find out which channel you are using type about:support in the web browser's address bar and check the version under application basics near the top of the page that opens up.

Don’t Read the Comments blocks comments on all sites you visit

Comments left by visitors or the author / webmaster of a website or service can be valuable additions to a page on the website.

Here on ComTek for instance, comments add lots of value to articles. Some comments may provide additional information about a product or service, others may recommend similar products or raise questions that the author of the article answers.

On other sites, comments may not be that useful. Depending on the site, you may get lists of profanities or abuse, or simply comments that have nothing to do with the page itself.

How to hide games in your Steam library

If you are active on Steam and partake in sales regularly on the platform, you may have a huge library of games already.

While that is great, you may have games in that library that you do not want to play ever again. The issue however is that you cannot seem to hide games on Steam easily.

While you could only display installed games, whenever you switch to all games you would see games that you are not interested anymore as well again.

Latest Vivaldi build introduces automatic updates

I'm keeping a close eye on the development of the Vivaldi browser as it shows some promise especially when compared to other Chromium-based browsers.

Vivaldi Technologies releases snapshot builds of the technical preview of the browser regularly which introduce new features more often than not.

While it lacks certain features, the pace of development and the introduction of new features is refreshing.

The two most recent builds of the web browser are not exceptions to the rule as they introduce a whole batch of new or improved features.

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