May 2015

Sourceforge adds adware-installers to abandoned projects (and removes them again)

Sourceforge, a prominent project hosting website, began to wrap some software downloads on the site in installers that included unrelated third-party offers.

This new way of delivering downloads to users affected only program downloads of projects where the admin of the project enabled the option.

Coolbarz adds up to four auto-hiding program launching toolbars to Windows

The option to pin programs, files or folders to the Windows 7 taskbar improved how I work with the operating system significantly.

While that is a great way to have access to often used programs or files, it is limited to a single location on the screen.

Coolbarz, a free program for Windows adds up to four additional toolbars to Windows that auto-hide when they are not used.

Note: It requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 to run.

LibreOffice Viewer for Android is a basic document reader

LibreOffice is a major free office suite that started as a fork of OpenOffice in 2010. While it is still fairly similar to OpenOffice, development has improved the suite in many different ways making it one of the better solutions when it comes to the creation of Office documents.

The Document Foundation released an Android app three days ago that complements the desktop office suite.

Add date and time to all titlebars in Windows

Titlebar Date-Time is a free program for the Windows operating system that adds date and time information to the active window of the operating system.

Windows users who want to have date and time information visible on the system at all times may use the Windows taskbar for that. Depending on the version of Windows, a clock and time information may be displayed on it.

While a clock is displayed at all times if the taskbar is visible, the date is only displayed if you display large icons on the taskbar.

No, Mozilla is not abandoning its Tracking Protection feature

Mozilla's Tracking Protection feature is one of the many exciting features that the organization is working on currently.

Designed to block the bulk of online tracking without blocking advertisement outright, it can be seen as a compromise between blocking ads completely and not blocking them at all.

How to block annoying calls on Android 5 natively

Over the past couple of days I have received numerous phone calls from a number that is used for marketing purposes only.

I have the habit of not answering the phone when I don't recognize a number or caller. Instead, I search for the number on the Internet to find out more about it before I make a decision.

More often than not, it is linked to marketing and the decision to block it is made quickly because of it.

A close look at Google Photo’s unlimited storage offer

Google launched the new Photos application and web service yesterday as a standalone service cutting its link to the company's own Google+ social networking service in the progress.

Unlimited free storage for photos and videos was without doubt the most important announcement the company made yesterday.

The offer comes with a catch though as storage is only provided for free if certain requirements are met.

Quick Tip: switching between mobile and desktop views on Blogspot

The blog hosting platform Blogger, owned by Google, hosts many official Google company blogs and even more third-party blogs maintained by companies and individuals on the domain.

While it may not seem like it, Google is still pushing out updates to the platform to improve its capabilities. Blogger is certainly not the main focus of company activities but it is a a product used widely by the company.

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