September 2015

WinRAR: disclosed self-extracting archive vulnerability is none

A security vulnerability found in the latest version of popular compression program WinRAR puts users of the software program at risk according to security researcher Mohammad Reza Espargham.

Attackers can exploit the vulnerability to execute code remotely on target machines requiring little user input in the process.

iPad Pro, Google Pixel C, Microsoft Surface: which should you get?

Google revealed the Pixel C Chromebook yesterday and Apple the iPad Pro earlier this month. Both devices are designed to add productivity features to tablets running Android and iOS, for instance by offering first-party keyboards that you can attach to the device.

Google allows companies to target you based on your email address

Google announced the roll out of a new advertising tool recently on the company's official Adwords blog that allows companies to target users based on email addresses.

The system, called Customer Match, works in the following way. Companies upload email addresses they want to target to Google, for instance by uploading emails of part of the company's customer base to Google.

Google’s Nexus 5X and 6P pricing outside the US is ridiculous

As a European, I'm used to paying more for devices, software, subscriptions and other digital goods. If you compare the pricing, it appears that most company's simply replace $ with €/£ when it comes to offering goods in the European Union.

Europe is not alone when it comes to ridiculous pricing. Australia, Japan, Brazil and people from other countries around the globe experience the same issues.

ConfigFox: manage advanced Firefox privacy and security settings

ConfigFox is a new program for Windows that you can utilize to make advanced privacy and security changes to the Firefox web browser based on our security and privacy list.

The program uses our privacy and security settings list for Firefox as its basis and takes it up to the next level.

TruPax 9 introduces VeraCrypt support

The cross-platform Open Source encryption software TruPax was designed to create TrueCrypt containers that match the size of all files added to them. As you may know, TrueCrypt does not ship with options to add files to volumes during the creation process which always meant that you had to guess or calculate the storage requirements of containers.

Microsoft’s official Windows 10 Activation Guide

Microsoft's Windows 10 Activation guide offers detailed information about how activation works on the company's newest operating system.

Activation on Windows 10 is not as straightforward as it has been in previous versions of Windows thanks to the addition of the free upgrade offer.

It comes as no surprise that most questions that users have are about activating free copies of Windows 10.

Windows 10: data collecting all for the greater good

When it comes to Windows 10, Microsoft's new operating system, privacy is without doubt a hot topic. Ever since the operating system was released, fears about an all-seeing and reporting operating system were expressed by reviewers and users alike.

One of the core reasons for those fears was that Windows 10 was designed to deliver more data to Microsoft than previous versions of Windows.

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