February 2016

Textreme is a powerful text replacement program for Windows

Textreme is a text replacement program for Microsoft Windows systems that takes standard automated text editing features to the next level.

The majority of text editors for Windows ship with basic text editing and replacement options. Use search and replace, and a handful of other features to edit text semi-automatically.

Textreme has been created by its author to take it to the next level, as it supports all these basic functions but also advanced options which go as far as deleting sections of text or switching bits around.

NetX is a network discovery app for Android

NetX is a new network discovery application for Android that displays information about all devices connected to a network among other things.

One of the many appeals of the application is that it is extremely easy to use yet powerful enough to satisfy the needs of users who demand more than just a list of devices found in a computer network.

Windows Defender Offline integrated into Windows 10

Windows Defender Offline is a new feature of Insider Builds of Windows 10 that enables you to scan the computer system during boot time and without Internet connection requirement.

Windows Defender is the built-in antivirus solution of the Windows 10 operating system. While its capabilities have improved in recent time, it is still inferior when it comes to the detection of malware when compared to many third-party solutions.

Archive Manager PeaZip 6.0 is out

PeaZip 6.0 is a new version of the popular open source archive manager PeaZip for Windows that ships with new features and improvements.

PeaZip is a long standing compression program for Windows. We have first talked about it back in 2010 here on Ghacks and liked what it had to offer back then.

While the majority of features match those that other compression tools provide, PeaZip offers a selection of features such as secure deletion of files or add-on support that others usually don't provide.

Disable Skypehost.exe (Windows Skype) on Windows 10

Skypehost.exe (Windows Skype) is a process that runs on PCs that are powered by Microsoft's operating system Windows 10 by default.

It does so by default right after installation or first start of the operating system even if the Skype desktop software has not been installed on the machine.

Skypehost.exe powers two applications that Microsoft installs by default on systems running Windows 10: Skype and Messaging + Skype

Messaging is a chat application that Skype was added enabling users to send messages using Skype instead of using other forms such as SMS.

URL Monitor records all URLS copied to the Clipboard

URL Monitor is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that records URLs that you copy to the Windows Clipboard automatically.

The main idea behind the program is to make it easier to record and process URLs that you have copied while you were working on the computer, and to process the collection of web addresses once you are done.

The program works right after you start it on your computer. Since it is portable, you can run it from any location including USB Flash drives or even optical discs.

Netflix crackdown on VPN services has begun

If you are currently using a virtual private network, unblocker or proxy to access Netflix, you have likely been greeted by an "whoops, something went wrong..." message on the site on stream start.

The error is listed as a streaming error, and the description found underneath it reads:

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy.

Error code: H7111-1331-5059

Here is what the new Outlook.com Premium entails

Outlook.com Premium is currently available as a pilot project by Microsoft; means, only invited users get a chance to test the service before it will be rolled out to everyone.

Microsoft revealed little about the service, only that it would reintroduce custom domains on Outlook.com.

Users invited to the test pilot of Outlook.com Premium find information about what the new service offers on this page while everyone else may add their account to a waiting list.

Read articles behind paywalls by masquerading as Googlebot

The Internet is at a tipping point. The continued rise of adblocking has put an end to the revenue model that relies solely on ad dollars to operate websites and businesses.

Especially news sites have started to experiment with ways to diversify income sources, and one prominent option that sites like The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The New York Times or The Washington Post have all implemented is the paywall system.

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