March 2016

Fix “Try the download again” error on Windows Store

The "Try the download again Something happened on our end" error may be thrown when you try to download an application from Windows Store on a device running Windows 10.

The error message seems to be thrown only for some Store downloads, especially Xbox Live games such as Killer Instinct or Gears of War Ultimate, and not for all apps or games.

GreenBits for Android: get your own Bitcoin address

GreenBits is a Bitcoin Wallet application for the Android operating system that provides you with your own Bitcoin address, and sending and receiving functionality.

More and more online shops and services accept bitcoin payments, and while Bitcoin is still far away from being accepted by the mainstream, it is already widely used on the Internet.

One thing that may be keeping users away from Bitcoin is that it seems highly technical and difficult to set up.

WinAntiRansom Review

WinAntiRansom is a commercial program for the Windows operating system that is been designed to protect PCs against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware comes in two main flavors: programs that lock the PC down, and programs that encrypt files. Both have in common that they ask you to pay a ransom, usually in form of Bitcoin, to regain access to the PC or the files (with no guarantee whatsoever that you will get an unlock code after making the payment).

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the official name of a big update for Microsoft's newest operating system that the company will make available in Summer 2016.

Formerly known as Redstone, it is a massive update that will introduce new features and changes to the operating system.

The Anniversary Update is a free update for all devices running Windows 10 according to Microsoft. This includes non-PC devices such as the company's Xbox One console.

Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote Summary

Microsoft's Build 2016 Developer Conference started earlier today with a keynote in which Microsoft revealed new information about Windows 10 and new features that would come to the operating system.

While you may have read about one or the other feature already on sites that pushed out news blurbs as soon as Microsoft employees revealed them on stage.

Anyway, this article is for those who want a single article that reveals all the important information and tidbits that Microsoft revealed during the keynote.

AutoStarter X4: batch start files, sites, more

AutoStarter x4 is a free program for the Windows operating system that enables you to batch start files, sites and other resources effortlessly without scripting or programming skills.

Sometimes, you may want to run multiple programs or files at once or in rapid succession on your system.

Maybe a set number of programs that you need to work with images, edit videos, program, or start your blogging day. Or other resources, maybe a music playlist, and your favorite websites in your browser of choice.

Anti-Ransomware Software Overview

There are two types of Anti-Ransomware software: those that protect the system in real-time against incoming threats, and those that disinfect the system after a successful ransomware attack.

The following overview of anti-ransomware programs looks at programs that have been designed specifically for the purpose.

HostedNetworkStarter: turn your PC into a WiFi Hotspot

HostedNetworkStarter enables you to turn your Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot so that other devices can use the computer's Internet connection.

The portable program uses the wireless hosted network feature of the Windows operating system which Microsoft introduced in Windows 7.

The feature allows Windows users to create virtual wireless adapters -- Virtual Wi-Fi --, and software-based wireless access points.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware released

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is a new product by security company Bitdefender to protect Windows PCs against several ransomware families.

Ransomware describes a specific type of malicious software that has been designed to force users to pay ransom -- usually in the form of Bitcoin -- by encrypting data or locking the screen, and threatening users into action.

There are ways users can protect their data against ransomware attacks. This begins with the right security software but does not end there. Regular, offsite backups, can be important as well.

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