May 2016

Upgrading PC components

One of the biggest advantages of desktop PCs is that these systems are open enough to allow you to replace components.

While you may be able to replace some components, a hard drive for instance, in laptops or devices created by companies like Apple or Google, usually, you are very restricted in what you can do with them when it comes to updates.

This openness has two core benefits: you can replace faulty or failing components to keep the PC live and kicking without having to send it in, or upgrade components to make it faster or more suitable for running modern programs.

ImagePrinz easy photo printing

ImagePrinz is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that improves the photo printing process in several ways.

If you have printed photos in the past on sheets of paper you may have noticed how problematic the whole process is.

You have to make sure you got the right paper, and that the photo that you are about to print on the paper is aligned correctly, and that the margins fit the paper as well.

OEM Updaters put PCs at risk

A study by Duo Security, Inc suggests that OEM Updaters, programs designed by PC manufacturers to update vendor-specific software, do more harm than good as they put PCs at risk.

Prebuild desktop computers, laptops and tablets ship with a set of added applications and programs more often than not. Commonly referred to as crapware, these programs add little value to the system and are often comprised of trial versions, shortcuts, and programs created by the manufacturer of the device.

Reverse Image Search for HTML5 Video

Captain! is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that enables you to run reserve image searches for HTML5 video frames.

Reverse image searches are quite useful, not only if you want to find out if someone copied your images without permission, but also to find out more about an image.

Take a wallpaper depicting a famous painting for instance. If name and tags don't reveal the painting's title or its artist, then you can run a reverse image search to find out about it.

NativeShot screenshot tool for Firefox

NativeShot is a Firefox add-on that enables you to take screenshots of anything that is displayed on the monitor even outside of Firefox's window.

What makes NativeShot particularly interesting besides that is the fact that it supports many of the features such as hotkey support, delayed screenshots or an editor that desktop screenshot programs offer.

The extension adds an icon to Firefox's main toolbar during installation, and looks like any other screenshot tool for the browser on first glance.

Microsoft is alienating part of its customer base

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is a success if you look at the operating system's growth and the use figures that Microsoft releases every now and then.

Windows 10 is doing pretty well right now but it has yet to be determined whether the growth of the operating system has been fueled largely by the free upgrade offer, and if it can stand on its own when the free upgrade offer ends on July 29, 2016.

TeraCopy 3.0 First Look

TeraCopy 3.0 is a new version of the popular file transfer software for Microsoft Windows operating systems that is currently in beta.

TeraCopy has been designed primarily to address the slow copying speed of files on Windows regardless of whether transfers take place on the local system or network.

While that's the program's main purpose, it has more to offer than that as it supports the queuing of transfers, pausing operations, and even error recovery functionality.

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