January 2018

Back to basics Part 1 – Updating your GNU/Linux system

So, it’s been suggested to me that I start a “Linux basics” series, and I think it’s a wonderful suggestion! That said, to me the most logical starting point after an installation (which there will be more in-depth articles to come about!) would be learning how to update your system; as most distributions are not up-to-date when freshly installed.

Most distributions are relatively similar in their updating methods, consisting of either a GUI tool and or terminal commands. Typically, how the process works is two step:

Mozilla creates Shield study rules to avoid another Mr.Robot disaster

Mozilla created a set of guiding principles for Shield studies after it launched an analysis of the Looking Glass Shield study which went wrong on several levels.

Looking Glass was released as a system add-on to Firefox which meant that users saw the add-on appear in the browser's add-on manager without them initiating the installation.

Microsoft announces harder stance against programs with coercive messaging

Quick, our trustworthy program found issues that you need to address right now. Look, you have malware on your system which you need to remove asap. All you have to do is buy the premium version of our program or this add-on service to address these issues.

Maybe you encountered programs of the kind before, or helped friends, family or colleagues remove these programs after the fact from their systems.

DriverStore Explorer: manage the Windows Driver Store

DriverStore Explorer is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to view the content of the Windows Driver Store and to manipulate it.

Microsoft introduced the DriverStore in Windows Vista and used it in all newer versions of Windows since. It is a collection of first and third-party driver packages that Windows trusts and stores on the local hard drive.

The entire driver package, including the inf file, is copied to the Driver Store and the inf file must be set up to reference all required driver files.

WebAPI Manager: limit website access to Web APIs

WebAPI Manager is an open source extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that you may use to limit website access to Web APIs.

Support for new features and technologies exploded in recent years. Browser makers like Mozilla or Google integrate APIs into their web browsers that websites may use.

While there is no doubt that many of the features are beneficial as it gives sites new capabilities, some features may also get abused or are not really used by a lot of sites out there.

Should you get a Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet cable for your network?

When you search on Amazon, Newegg or any other shopping site for ethernet cables, you will soon encounter terms you may not be familiar with.

The shops carry Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 ethernet cables, but how do these differ from each other?

More precisely, which cable should you pick for your home network and are there other things that you need to take into consideration?

Print Conductor 6.0 review: large volume printing on Windows

Print Conductor 6.0 is the latest version of the large volume printing solution for Microsoft Windows devices which we reviewed back in 2007 the last time.

A lot has changed in the last ten years since our initial review and the release of Print Conductor 6.0 gave me an opportunity to look at the program and review it again.

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