August 2018

Browse files of GitHub repositories comfortably for Github is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds a directory tree structure to Github repositories to browse all files of the repository comfortably.

Browsing repositories on GitHub is not the most pleasant experience that you can have; you can only select one directory to open to display the file it contains. The loading takes a bit of time and going back to open another directory takes time as well.

Mozilla plans to push privacy in Firefox

In Changing Our Approach To Anti-Tracking, Mozilla revealed plans to improve the privacy protection of Firefox users and the performance of the browser through the improved implementation of content blocking in the web browser.

Firefox will protect users by blocking tracking by default and improve performance at the same time according to Mozilla.

It is time to opt out of Yahoo Mail email scanning

Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail, which both fly under the Oath banner, a Verizon owned company, scan emails that arrive in user inboxes to improve advertisement targeting.

An article published by The Wall Street Journal (sorry, no link as it is paywalled), suggests that Oath's email scanning may go beyond what users of the service may deem acceptable.

Mozilla publishes Firefox Public Data Report

Firefox Public Data Report is a new weekly report by Mozilla that offers current and historic statistics on user metrics, usage behavior, and configurations on mobile and desktop operating systems.

Has Firefox lost users in the last twelve months? What are the most widely used languages, the percentage of Firefox installations with Tracking Protection enabled or add-ons installed, or the top operating system?

CCleaner 5.46 ships with clearer privacy options

CCleaner 5.46 is now available; the new version promises better privacy options, clearer explanation of privacy-related features, and a data fact sheet that highlights what is collected and why.

The past couple of months were rough for CCleaner, a popular program to clean temporary files and remove other unwanted bits of data from Windows systems.

Use Tags to organize files and folders

Tagstoo is a free cross-platform desktop program for Windows, Linux and Mac devices to manage files and folders using tags.

The idea to tag files and folders on desktop systems is not entirely new. We reviewed Tag 2 Find back in 2009 which focused on finding files quickly using tags that you could assign to files or folders manually or automatically. Then in 2016, we reviewed Tag2Spaces, an open source cross-platform program to tag files.

How to select and move multiple Chrome tabs at once

Google Chrome, just like any other modern browser, is a tab-driven web browser that gives its users options to open sites in different tabs in the interface.

Users can keep multiple sites open in Chrome that way and switch between them easily. Tabs support drag and drop operations to move them to a new position in the browser window or drag them out of the current window to create a new one automatically.

Sometimes, you may want to move multiple browser tabs of a Chrome window to a new location in the window or create a new browser window using the selection.

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