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Set reminders on a timeline in Android

Most reminder or to-do list applications use similar formats to display the information to you. Most of the time information are displayed in a calendar format or simply as blocks of tasks displayed in the application interface.

While that works well most of the time, it may not be ideal at all times.

The Timeline is an application for Android that changes how tasks are displayed to you. Instead of displaying them in calendar format, it displays each task on a timeline instead.

The time is displayed as a vertical line in the application that you can add tasks and reminders to easily. Just tap on  a point on the timeline and select the add option to add a new task.

New tasks are added by selecting an icon and color, and by adding a descriptive text to them. All information are displayed directly on the timeline afterwards so that you do not need to tap on a task to find out more about it.

As the day goes by, tasks are moved to the top of the timeline which depicts the current time. This way you are always in the know in regards to how much time you have left before the next task in the line comes up.

Once a task comes up, you are notified about it by Android's notification system and also in the application directly. You can put tasks on hold or mark them as complete instead.


As far as other features go: you can switch between 120 minute intervals and 15 minute intervals in the timeline with a tap on the button in the right lower corner.

The application displays the date, day and time at the top, and the time the next tasks comes up at the bottom of the screen.

That's it as far as customizations or features are concerned.

It needs to be noted that the app has been released as a preview version to Google Play. It seems unlikely however that the app will receive an update as it has not been updated for over a year.

Features such as automatic synchronization with a calendar, sound notifications and options to add information to tasks such as an optional location would really improve it for its users.

It is still an interesting concept that works considerably well, especially if you don't mind it being relatively bare bones and not packed with features.

The application does not require any special permissions to run. It is compatible with all Android 4.03 and up versions.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News

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