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Milouz Market: find, download and install software updates on Windows

Making sure that the software running on your Windows PC is up to date can be a daunting task. The main reason for that is that Windows does not offer any functionality to keep third-party programs up to date.

While Microsoft changed that for apps in Windows 8, there is still no built-in solution in sight that would make the change for desktop software as well.

This means that you rely on automatic updates if developers have added the feature to their programs, manual checks for updates, or third-party update checkers that scan for known software and compare the installed version with the most recent one.

Milouz Market is a new program that can check for updates. It concentrates on popular software such as Skype, OneDrive, uTorrent, WinSCP or KeePass which is the right approach if you have limited resources.

After you have installed the application and fired it up for the first time, it runs a scan automatically and displays its findings afterwards in the program interface.

It sorts programs in the interface, displaying programs with updates at the top and afterwards the applications that were not detected on the computer system.

milouz market check updates

For each program, its name, size and category, as well as the installed version and available version are highlighted. All programs with updates are listed with a light blue background which makes identification even easier.

A click on a table header sorts the software listing in a different way, for instance alphabetically or by size, and there is a search that you can use to find a program of interest in the list.

Another option that you have is to use the filter button to hide programs from the listing, for instance all applications that are not installed on the PC.

The buttons on the right provide you with options to delete an installed program, to download the update for it, or to display more information about it.

Programs that are not installed can be downloaded and installed with a click as well.

The updating part is probably the most interesting. The new versions get downloaded automatically by Milouz Market and depending on whether the app supports silent updating or not, installed automatically in the background.

It is possible to speed up this operation by clicking on the update all softs button at the top which will download and install all updates for programs that updates have been found for.

A click on parameters displays the preferences. Here you can switch from only taking release versions into account to beta and alpha versions, limit the download bandwidth of the application, or disable silent setups so that you can follow the update installation process directly.


Milouz Market is a useful program. It supports more than 200 popular programs which may not look as much but since it is concentrating on popular programs, it should find many programs on the user system.

Support for portable versions is lacking right now, something that the developer may want to consider adding to the program as it will improve its use for users who prefer to use portable programs.

The option to install programs that are not found is an interesting one that will certainly have its uses in some situations.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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