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Secryptor file encryption software with Dropbox support

While it is often best to keep files on the local computer only and avoid cloud storage, especially for important files, it is sometimes not possible to do so.

Maybe you need to share a document with another person who happens to live in another city or country, or you want to have file backups available for your next business trip to cover all eventualities, or, you simply want to share files with someone else and protect those files from third-parties listening in.

That's were encryption comes into play usually.

Secryptor is a new program for Windows and Mac as well as mobile devices (iOS and Windows Phone, Android coming soon) that is at its core a local file encryption software.

You can use it to encrypt any file on your system with a few clicks. What makes it interesting is its Dropbox integration. After you have selected to encrypt a file, you are asked where you want to save it.

You can save it locally and that would be the end of it, or you can save it to Dropbox. First time you select the cloud provider you are asked to link Secryptor to Dropbox.


Once that is out of the way, you can save files to the Secryptor folder on Dropbox to access them on your own, or share a download code with others so that they too can download and decrypt the file using Secryptor.

Once the recipient has the download code, it can be added to the received code field in Secryptor to download the file from Dropbox and decrypt it.

What's interesting here is that the download code is different from the password that you select to encrypt the file with. According to the company behind the product, passwords are not stored in the cloud, and the company saves only meta data in its European data centers.

The website of the company does not reveal how this process is handled in the backend, only that the password is not transmitted. The program uses AES 256 to encrypt the file.


Secryptor offers two features that make it interesting for some users. The first is mobile support so that you can decrypt files using your mobile devices, the second the integration with Dropbox and how the sharing is handled.

While it is still necessary to get the code to the recipient, everything else is relatively easy.

The program is by no means comparable to True Crypt which offers more functionality, but if you only want to encrypt some files, it may be better suited for that. Keep in mind though that you need to encrypt all files individually, while programs like True Crypt offer containers that you can put multiple files into.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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