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A first look at Vuze Leap, a lightweight torrent client with search built-in

The makers of the popular BitTorrent client Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, have released a first public beta version of a new lightweight client they call Vuze Leap.

Why another torrent client? The company addresses that question in a blog post that it published to announce the beta.

Development focus was to create a lightweight modern client that is simple to use but offers all the privacy and security features users would expect from such a client.

While you cannot download Vuze Leap right now directly from the Vuze website, you can head over to Softpedia to download it from there instead.

The Vuze Leap installation should not pose any issues. I suggest you select custom installation to control all options during setup.

The application displays a search bar and free content bundles on the first page after start. These content bundles are similar to those that BitTorrent Inc offers in its clients.

vuze leap

A click on a bundle starts its download right away. You can use the search to find torrents of interest, or switch to the find tab instead to do the same.

Torrents are listed with their name and availability only. The interface does not display important information such as the total size of the torrent file, individual files that get downloaded, or how many seeders or leechers there are.

torrent search

A click on details opens a web page in the default browser that offers additional information.  It appears that only torrents from legitimate websites such as or Legit Torrents are included in the search results.

A click on download moves the torrent to the download tab. Downloads begin automatically and display information about the size of the torrent, the download and upload speed, as well as the estimated time of completion  and the percentage it has been downloaded already.

Information about peers, ratios or files included in each torrent are missing from the page as well.

torrent download

The third and final tab lists the downloaded audio and video files. Here you find individual multimedia files listed and not torrents.

You can sort the library by audio or video, or use the search to find particular files using it.

Vuze Leap supports torrent files so that you can download those using the application. It does not seem to support magnet links at the time of writing, or at the very least, I could not get them to be loaded by the application.

The settings that the application offers are bare bones. You can change the download directory, configure speed limits, and make it run with Windows and the default torrent client.

If you are used to massive amounts of preferences of programs such as uTorrent, you will be disappointed in this regard.


Vuze Leap is a simple torrent client. It misses many features when compared to clients such as Vuze or uTorrent, but since the audience is different, that may not matter much.

Considering that it is a beta client, it works considerable well and should not pose issues even to users who never used torrent clients before.

With that said, even those users may require additional features and information that any torrent client should offer to its users.

As far as lightweight is concerned,  Vuze Leap is using more memory than uTorrent does. In idle state, Vuze Leap is using about 50% more memory than the uTorrent client.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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