Fix Network related issues with NetAdapter Repair All In One

When it comes to repairing computers I dislike nothing more than having to fix a printer or network connection that is not working properly anymore.

That's why I'm thankful for any tool that provides me with information or options to speed up the repair job.

NetAdapter Repair All In One is a free open source program for Windows that falls into that category. When you first start it up after download, you will see tools listed on the left and information on the right.

Note: The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to run. Make sure it is installed on your system. You need to run the program with elevated privileges as well (right-click on it, select run as administrator).

As far as information are concerned, the program displays public and local IP address, Mac address, the local gateway, DNS server, DHCP server and Subnet mask in its interface.

If the computer has more than one network adapter you can switch to others to display information about them in the interface as well.


Besides information, you find tools to Ping two Internet IP addresses (Google and Cloudflare) and two DNS servers (also Google and Cloudflare here. The results are displayed in the log area at the bottom right.

Last but not least, you can use the spoof button to change the Mac address of the system.

The left side of the program's interface lists the repair options. A click on Advanced Repair will run the following operations one after the other:

  1. WinSock/TCP IP Repair
  2. Clear all Proxy/VPN Settings
  3. Windows Firewall Repair

In addition to this, it is possible to enable additional tools to run those as well:

  1. Release and renew DHCP address
  2. Clear Hosts file
  3. Clear static IP settings (enable DHCP)
  4. Change to Google DNS
  5. Flush DNS cache
  6. Clear ARP/Route Table
  7. NetBIOS reload and release
  8. Internet Options - Clear SSL state
  9. Enable LAN adapters
  10. Enable wireless adapters
  11. Reset Internet Options Security/Privacy
  12. Set network Windows services default

Depending on the problem at hand Repair All In One may help you resolve it quickly.

One thing that is missing is that you cannot use it to open the adapter settings of the operating system. This means that you still need to open the control panel, run scripts or use the command line to modify settings such as the default gateway or DNS server.

It would have been useful if the author would have integrated those options in the program as well. An option to run additional diagnostic tools such as tracert or ipconfig would come in handy as well.


NetAdapter Repair All In One is a specialized software program for Windows to troubleshoot network related issues. It displays basic information about network adapters and offers basic and advanced tools for that.

While you need to be careful with some, clearing the hosts file for example, others may resolve issues with a couple of mouse clicks.

All in all, it is a nice to have tool in your arsenal of repair and troubleshooting tools, provided that you don't mind the .NET dependency.

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