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Spell Bee for Chrome adds auto correction to the browser

Most web browsers ship with one or multiple dictionary files that are used to indicate spelling errors. These errors are usually indicated by a red line underneath the word and a right-click on it displays spelling suggestions and options such as adding a word to the dictionary to avoid future issues.

These dictionaries don't support automatic correction of words on the other hand which some users may prefer since it can save time.

If you misspell a word over and over, you may prefer auto correction to speed things up.

Spell Bee! for Google Chrome is a new extension that ships with more than 2700 word pairs that it corrects automatically in the browser.

A pair consists of a misspelled word and the correct spelling of the word. It is possible to add words and their replacements to the dictionary file the extension uses to match words that you misspell regularly or at least occasionally.

spell bee

Each entry can be deleted as well which can be useful if a word is spelled differently in your region or country.  There is unfortunately no option provided to edit words directly which means that you will have to delete the word pair first to add it anew with the corrected spelling.

The Spell Bee icon in the main toolbar of Chrome indicates whether the extension is active on a page or not. A click on it displays a menu with options to block the extension so that it won't auto correct any words anymore on the page. This can be useful if you write in a different language on a website and don't want words that are spelled corrected to by corrected automatically by it.

The list of websites ignored this way is listed on the extension's settings page so that you can remove a site again from here.

So how well does it work? The extension works on any website according to the author and on any text input form on it. This includes text areas and single line text fields.

When you misspell a word that is in the extension's dictionary it will replace it automatically with the replacement. While that works well for misspellings, it can also be used to create abbreviations that the extension automatically replaces with a full word or phrase.


Spell Bee is a handy extension for the Chrome browser that can aid you in two ways. First, it can correct spelling errors for you and second, it can be used to create abbreviations  to save time typing often used phrases and even entire sentences.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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