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What users want to see integrated in Windows 10

The release of the Windows 10 Preview some time ago revealed some of the features that Microsoft plans to integrate in the upcoming operating system.

Probably the biggest feature is the redesigned start menu that mixes traditional desktop programs with Start application tiles.

There are other features of note, a new virtual desktop manager for example, the ability to run apps in windows or improvements to the command prompt.

It is not clear if there will be more, even though it is very likely that Microsoft will integrate additional features in the operating system before it is officially released.

Microsoft has created a company presence on Uservoice and it has been up for some time. Users can suggest, discuss and vote for new features on the site, and while there is no guarantee that any of the suggestions will find their way into the operating system; what users want integrated is interesting nevertheless.

explorer tabs

Here are the top 20 suggestions at the time of writing

  1. Add tabs to Windows Explorer / File Explorer.
  2. Make Windows Update the one stop for all drivers.
  3. Bring back Aero Glass from Windows 8 Developer Preview.
  4. Redesign & replace all Aero-themed objects in Windows 10.
  5. Add Persian calendar to Windows.
  6. Provide a better Notepad application.
  7. Make Windows free for everyone.
  8. A modern plugin experience for Internet Explorer.
  9. Bind programs to specific audio outputs.
  10. Pin anything to the start screen.
  11. Live background images with animations or live streams.
  12. Built-in support for multiple codecs such as mkv.
  13. Drag applications to another virtual desktop.
  14. Create custom live tiles.
  15. Add Adobe format thumbnails support, create a universal preview tool.
  16. Merge PC Settings and Control Panel.
  17. Add Cortana to Windows.
  18. Ability to customize the login screen.
  19. OneDrive app should include shared folders.
  20. Fix Thumbnail Cache automatic deletion problem.

You can check out other suggestions, there are a lot, on the Uservoice website.

Some suggestions propose that Microsoft updates native programs. The top request is to add tabs to Windows Explorer, another to improve the Notepad application and a third to modernize Internet Explorer's plugin system.

A second group of suggestions deals with visual changes, for instance to bring Aero back or to customize the login screen.

And a third group wants improvements to Windows 8+ features such as the start screen.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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