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System Explorer 6.0 update brings action log and other enhancements

Most native Windows programs are fine for basic tasks or information retrieval but lack the feature richness of third-party programs.

The Windows Task Manager is just one of those native programs that works well in many situations but lacks features that some users require.

While it displays all processes for example, it won't list dependencies.

System Explorer is one popular alternative thanks to its rich set of features and portable nature.

The author of the application has released version 6.0.0 of it today which introduces several new features to the program.

System Explorer at its core is a task manager alternative that is not limited to system processes but also other areas of interests including Internet and network connections, startup programs and services,  opened files, or security.

system explorer 6

One of the new features of version 6.0.0 of System Explorer is the new action log which you find at the bottom of most tabs. If you display processes or connections for example, the action log lists activities that happened in the past. You see closed and opened TCP/IP connections for example, the process, process ID and additional details about it.

So, instead of just seeing what is happening in real-time you can now also look at the action log to find out what happened in the past.

The action log is limited to System Explorer sessions; if you exit the program and open it again all previous logged information are no longer available.

The program's history module has been modified as well. It displays additional information now that provide you with additional details about activities on the system. The information provided by it are similar to what the action log provides, and the core difference between the two is that the action log is attached to the bottom of pages that display real-time information about process or connections, while the history log only lists what has happened in the past.

The third and final visible change is the new status bar which displays additional information directly on all pages. It displayed information about the cpu load, running processes, RAM and swap use only previously, and displays four times the information now in the status bar.

Here you find direct information about the available memory for example, a cpu load graph, or the total number of threads and handles.

Closing Words

The features and improvements introduced in System Explorer 6.0.0 may not be ground breaking but they improve the program in several areas.

Depending on which version you use, you may find additional new features listed on the news page on the official website.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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