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Look up all Reddit submissions of a domain

I monitor several groups on Reddit that are of interest to me personally. What I like about Reddit is that you get tips and links posted by thousands of users who share interests with you.

As a webmaster, Reddit is also important when a page on your website or your main domain name gets submitted to the site.

Not only do you get a quality reference to your site, you may also get additional comments and remarks about it that may help you improve the article or make you step in to reply to a comment on the site.

I stumbled upon an interesting feature on Reddit recently that I did not know about until now: the ability to look up all submissions of a domain on the site.

There are two options available to display these pages on Reddit:

  1. Load directly in your browser of choice. Make sure you replace with the domain name you are interested in.
  2. Use the search parameter

Note that the results pages differ somewhat. The first displays the domain's results like any other group that you open on the site. This includes the usual hot, new, rising and related tabs at the top.

reddit domain results

You can use the site:parameter either directly by entering it in a search form on Reddit or by loading the address directly.

The site parameter on the other hand displays a different layout. It starts with the groups pages of the site have been posted in and displays the results as regular search results.

You can still change the sorting, for instance by displaying newest results first or hot results.

One benefit of using search is that you can use additional search parameters, for instance to display all posts made to a group on Reddit or by excluding posts that you have made.

reddit site search

The information can be useful for webmasters, authors and site owners as it can provide feedback on content posted to a domain.

It can also be used to find out if a page has been submitted already to Reddit so that you can avoid posting it a second time to the site.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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