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SpyShelter lifts free Anti-Keylogger 32-bit restriction and integrates encryption driver

SpyShelter, creators of popular anti-keylogger programs for Windows, have just released an update that removes the 32-bit limit from the free version of the program and adds limited keystroke encryption to it on top of that.

The company released SpyShelter Free back in 2010 for 32-bit versions of Windows while the company's paid products SpyShelter Premium and Firewall supported both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

This was a severe limitation of the free version of the security program considering that the release of Windows 7 in 2009 improved the popularity of 64-bit significantly.

Spyshelter Free protects the system against keylogger programs that are designed to capture what you enter using the keyboard.

In addition to protecting entered text, passwords or credit card numbers for instance, from being recorded by programs, it is furthermore protecting information that you copy to the clipboard from programs that may capture those.

spyshelter free anti keylogger

The free version of Anti-Keylogger encrypts keystrokes of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera automatically to prevent loggers from capturing text sent to those programs. According to the developer, Microsoft Edge is currently not protected by it (but by the anti-keylogger and system protection).

The program itself runs silently in the background for the most part just like security software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit or Microsoft EMET and will only spring to live when it detects potential threats and displays an alert to the user about them.

Please note that you may set the program to ask the user instead of auto-allowing (or denying) applications. This is done in the program interface under Settings > Security > Certified applications.

You may turn off each security component that the free version supports individually in the program interface as well. This can be useful if you notice issues with one of them or if you run another program that is protecting the system from certain threats already.

The premium version supports several features on top of what the free version offers. It protects against screen captures for instance which can be quite important. Some keyloggers may capture the screen in intervals as well which the free version does not protect against.

Other features of interest include webcam protection to keep the webcam safe and under your control, sound logger protection to protect against sound-based trojan loggers, as well as full keystroke encryption and system protection.

Closing Words

The lifting of the 32-bit restriction improves the anti-keylogger program significantly considering the popularity of 64-bit on Windows. Keystroke encryption is another nice addition but only if you use one of the four protected browsers.

You won't find recent independent reviews of anti-keylogger programs though. Raymond did publish a comparison two years ago but things have changed considerable since then.

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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