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Windows 10 Creators Update: official upgrade options on April 5th

Microsoft plans to release the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, 2017. The day coincides with April's Patch Tuesday, and marks the beginning of the roll out phase of the Creators Update.

Roll out phase means that Microsoft will release the update gradually to the Windows 10 population through Windows Update. The company did the same when it released the Anniversary Update, and that took some time to reach all user devices (weeks, in some cases months)

While I suggest you wait with the installation of the feature update, especially to wait until the first wave of new bugs is patched by Microsoft, you do have options to install the Windows 10 Creators Update prior to its Windows Update availability.

Note: It is recommended to create a full system backup prior to running the update. This allows you to restore the PC's state prior to running the update if you run into issues.

Windows 10 Creators Update upgrades: official options

windows creators update version

There are two official options when it comes to that: Microsoft revealed in a new blog post yesterday on the official Windows Experience Blog that interested users may download the Creators Update starting on April 5th via the Update Assistant.

For the those of you who are eager to get the Creators Update right away, you will be able to initiate the update manually, starting on April 5th, via Update Assistant. This option is intended for advanced users on devices running a licensed version of Windows 10.

The new version of the Update Assistant was leaked already on the Internet, and it is possible to run it to upgrade to the Creators Update right now. It is unofficial however, and I recommend you wait until Microsoft releases the update for the Update Assistant officially.

Interested users may download that new version of the Update Assistant on this Microsoft Support page. Downloads will appear on that page on April 5th, 2017.

Microsoft notes that the option to install the Creators Update prior to its general availability through Windows Update is intended for advanced users, and only on machines with a licensed version of the Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Creators Update ISO images are the second official option to install the update prior to general availability. Microsoft has not released ISO images yet, but the company will do so.

You may use a service like Adguard or Windows ISO Downloader for that once they are published by Microsoft.

Closing Words

Windows 10 users who want to update their machines to the Windows 10 Creators Update early, and use official means for that, will have to wait until April 5th to do so. They may download the Update Assistant from the linked website above on that day, to run the setup of the Windows 10 Creators Update on a machine that runs an earlier version of Windows 10.

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