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uBlock Origin: official repository and downloads

uBlock Origin is a popular cross-browser content blocker that is seen by many as one of the most efficient extensions of its kind.

The browser extension is available for Firefox and Chromium based browsers, as well as Microsoft Edge. Basically, what that means is that you can install it in virtually any browser out there right now -- with the exception of Internet Explorer.

The extension was initially known as uBlock -- originally named with the Greek letter µ instead of u -- and released for Google Chrome. The uBlock project was handed over to Chris Aljoudi in 2015, and Raymond Hill, the creator of uBlock, started work on uBlock Origin.

One of the issues that came out of the split was that Chris Aljoudi, the new owner of uBlock, created the website This website asks for donations to cover "bandwidth costs" and to support "the project".

ublock origin-official repository downloads

Raymond Hill confirmed however that the site and the donations that it collects are not related to the official uBlock Origin project, and that the money does not benefit the development of the extension in any way.

BEWARE! uBlock Origin is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the web site

The donations sought by the individual behind ("to keeps uBlock development possible", a misrepresentation) are not benefiting any of those who contributed most to create uBlock Origin (developers, translators, and all those who put efforts in opening detailed issues).

The site ranks well in search engines, and it is likely that some users will land on it when they search for uBlock Origin or extensions to block advertisement or content on the Internet.

uBlock Origin: official repository and downloads

This article has been created to provide all users with a list of official resources of the uBlock Origin project.

  • uBlock Origin official repository -- This is the official project repository of the uBlock Origin project on GitHub. It lists the code, changes, issues, and informational pages that provide users with information on specific features of uBlock Origin, and more. If you don't know where to start, this is the place to hit first.
  • Google Chrome -- The official uBlock Origin Google Chrome Web Store page.
  • Google Chrome manual -- You may install the latest version from the GitHub repository as well.
  • Opera -- The official uBlock Origin Opera browser story page.
  • Firefox -- The official Mozilla AMO listing of the add-on for Firefox.
  • Firefox manual -- As is the case for Google Chrome, you may download the latest version of uBlock Origin for Firefox from the GitHub's project website as well.
  • Microsoft Edge -- Note: the project is maintained by another developer. Edge users can download the extension fro the Microsoft Store.
  • Microsoft Edge manual -- The latest development version of uBlock Origin for Edge can be installed from the project's GitHub page.
  • Safari -- Note: the project is maintained by another developer. Safari users can download the development version from the GitHub project page.

Note: If you don't find your web browser listed here, it may still be possible to install the extension. If it is based on Chromium, you may be able to install the Chrome extension, and if it is based on Firefox, the Firefox add-on may work in the browser.


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