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Malwarebytes for Firefox extension

Malwarebytes for Firefox is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser by security company Malwarebytes.

The release of the browser extension came out of the blue; the Malwarebytes website makes no mention of the release which leaves the Firefox add-on page and the extension itself as the only source of information.

The description reveals that Malwarebytes for Firefox “detects and protects against malware, scams, and deceptive advertising on the web”.

The extension is brand new and labeled as beta right now. Malwarebytes did not release a Chrome version of the extension.

Firefox users don’t need Malwarebytes installed on their device; the extension makes no mention of it, and the ad-blocking works fine without a Malwarebytes installation.

Note: I contacted Malwarebytes to get a definitive answer on whether the add-on is an official product or not. An admin on the official Malwarebytes forum confirmed that the extension is legitimate.

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Malwarebytes for Firefox

malwarebytes for firefox

Installation of the add-on is straightforward. It requests access to the browser tabs, all website data and to store unlimited data on the device Firefox is run on. These are pretty standard requests for extensions that detect and block malicious content in browsers.

Malwarebytes for Firefox adds an icon to the browser’s address bar. It highlights threats (malware, ads, tracker..)  with numbers but does not reveal additional information when you click on the extension icon. You can disable protection for the active site using the menu.

A link to settings is provided which provides controls and additional information.

The protection tab lists the four protective modules that Malwarebytes for Firefox supports:

  • Malware Protection
  • Scam Protection
  • Advertising / tracker protection
  • Clickbait protection

You can disable any module individually, or all of them at once using the menu.

The second tab, exclusions, is a whitelist for sites. Any site that you added to the whitelist is listed on this page.

malwarebytes exclusions

Malwarebytes for Firefox blocks advertisement and serious threats. The number that it displays on top of its icon when you visit websites indicates the total number of blocked items.

Closing Words

Malwarebytes for Firefox adds another protective layer to he Firefox web browser. It is not the only protection that Firefox users have. Firefox itself includes protection powered by Google SafeBrowsing and if a resident security program is installed, it may protect against threats as well.

It is too early to tell how effective Malwarebytes for Firefox is in the grand scheme of things. (via Techdows)

Now You: What is your first impression of this new security extension for Firefox?


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