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MemPlus memory management software for Windows review

MemPlus is a free software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to analyze memory use and optimize system memory manually or automatically.

You have plenty of options if your Windows PC is short on memory sometimes or all of the time. While you could consider adding more Gigabytes of memory to resolve the issue that way, you could also try and use a program like MemPlus to improve memory management on the system.

A software program is sometimes the only option that you have; if you cannot increase the memory of the computer, for instance because it is already at its limit, then software may be the only option left.


memplus memory management

MemPlus is a free program for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows. It supports client and server editions of Windows, and is provided as a portable version and installer.

Note that the program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.1.

The program displays the system's RAM usage and the total physical memory installed on the device on start. You may activate the "clear memory" button if memory use is high to drop it.

MemPlus clears the memory of non-essential processes when you do. The total amount of RAM that is freed by the procedure depends on a number of factors. MemPlus displays the freed up memory in a popup after the operation completes.

save ram

It is not possible to disable the popup which is unfortunate. You may need to add certain processes to a whitelist to protect them from the operation. While foreground processes won't be touched, you may notice that other critical processes are impacted by the optimization.

Open the preferences with a click on Tools > Settings, and switch to RAM Optimizer to add programs to the list of exclusions.

Switch to RAM Monitor when you are done to change the program's update interval and configure automatic options.

MemPlus can optimize RAM automatically when memory usage exceeds a certain threshold or after a set period of time. The default values are set to 50% and 10 minutes; both can be changed in the options.

optimize ram memplus

The program includes a RAM Analyzer on top of that which displays detailed information about each RAM bank. You may export the data and also logs that the program writes while it runs.

Closing Words

MemPlus reduces the amount of used RAM effectively on a Windows computer when you run it and activate it manually or let it run automatically. It is a valid option for users who work on PCs that hit the RAM barrier regularly.

While I'd suggest to increase RAM if possible as you will experience other improvements doing so, it may be an option for systems that cannot or won't be upgraded. (via gHacks)

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