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First look at VPNhub

VPNhub is a new VPN service for mobile and desktop devices that has been created by one of the world's largest adult video streaming services Pornhub.

The service comes as a free version and a premium version. The free version is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, and works pretty much like any other VPN application you install on those devices.

Once set up, it allows you to make connections to the VPN to secure your Internet connection and protect it from monitoring. The company promises that the free version of VPNhub has no bandwidth restrictions. It does have ads though, even though I did not see any today; I don't know what kinds of ads VPNhub will display and where those ads will be displayed.

The premium version does away with the advertisements. It furthermore offers faster speeds, a wider range of countries and servers, and support for Windows and Mac desktop versions. In other words, premium users can run the VPN on their desktop devices as well.

Premium is quite costly in my opinion though; you pay €11.99 per month or €66.99 per year for a premium account which comes down to €5.83 per month. This makes the service more expensive than premium VPN services such as Private Internet Access which is available for $39.95 per year right now.



You find download links on the official VPNhub website. Just click on the Store links to download the mobile apps or on the desktop operating system links to download the program for Windows or Mac OS X.

Installation of the Android application was a breeze. You can unlock a 7-day trial of the premium version from within the application or use the free version instead.

The free version does not require an account; note that you need to authorize the app on the device to work as a VPN.

Since you have access to a single country only (United States) in the free version, all you can do really is tap on the connect button when you are ready to connect to the VPN.

The app indicates that you are connected and your IP address and connection is protected from that moment on regardless of application you use on the Android device.

Speed was quite okay even on video streaming sites and other sites that tax connections a lot.

What about privacy?

The privacy policy highlights that user activity is not tracked outside of the VPNhub application which includes browsing activity while connected to the VPN service.

The list of activities that are not allowed is large and it forbids, rather surprisingly, the uploading, posting or transmission of sexual content.

I could not find any information about on the service's handling of traffic logs or whether P2P is supported by it.

Closing Words

The free version of VPNhub looks quite promising. It requires no account and offers unlimited traffic on Android and iOS. It comes at the cost of advertisement though which some users may not like; still, services need to earn revenue to operate and advertisement ensures that it can be offered for free to users.

Now You: What's your take on VPNhub?


This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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