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Add domain and icon to Gmail's email listings

Gmail Sender Icons is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds domain information and icons to Gmail's email listings.

Gmail does not display any information about the sender of the email except for the selected name. The name is no good indicator, however, as it can be selected freely by the sender of the email.

You can move the mouse cursor over individual emails in the email listing to get additional information about that email in a popup. Gmail displays the email address that was used to sent the email in that popup and also whether the sender is in your list of contacts.

Gmail Sender Icons

gmail sender icons

Gmail Sender Icons is a relatively simply extension for Google Chrome. It adds the domain the email was sent from and the icon (favicon) of the domain to email listings on Gmail; this enables you to see on first glance from where the email was (supposedly) sent.

The extension adds the domain name and the icon to all email listings on Gmail. You find the new information in all inbox folders, in the spam folder, and even in the sent folder. The sent folder listing displays the domain and icon of the recipient of the email, however.

So, how does it work?

The Gmail add-on extracts the email address of the sender, parses the website domain from the address and pulls the favicon image (often same as the logo) of the domain. It then appends the logo image and the company’s domain as a label to the message subject thus making it easy for you quickly identify the message sender.

The developer of the extension, Amit Agarwal who runs Digital Inspiration, states that no data leaves the browser when the extension is active and installed.

Closing Words

Gmail Sender Icons is a useful extension for Gmail users who use the web interface of the email service regularly or at least sporadically. The extension displays the domain name and the icon of the domain in Gmail listings which may speed up certain operations. It may improve the detection of spam that slipped by or confirm to you that an email appears legitimate on first inspection.

The extension is only available for Google Chrome currently. It may work in other Chromium-based web browsers and even Firefox as well.

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