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How to repeat (loop) YouTube Videos automatically

If you like a particular video on YouTube very much, you may want to play it over and over again using some sort of repeat functionality.

Problem is, most users don't know that YouTube supports native loop functionality on the desktop . While you can hammer on the play button again as soon as the video ends, it is not the most comfortable of options as it requires manual action on your part.

The following guide looks at popular options that you have to repeat YouTube videos automatically. The guide is divided into several parts: it reveals how to enable loop mode on YouTube, and looks at online services that add repeat functionality to any YouTube video and browser add-ons.

Tip: If you watch YouTube on the desktop, you can right-click on any video to activate the Loop functionality.

youtube loop

While you can do so on the desktop, you can't on mobile devices. Online services, browser add-ons and apps may offer additional functionality that you may require next to that.

Online Services

Online services take any YouTube video URL that you provide and integrate with repeat functionality. The process is straightforward but how it is done depends on the service that you will use.

YouTube Repeat

youtube repeat videos

YouTube Repeat is one of the easier options. All you have to do is add the word repeat to the YouTube URL to put the video on repeat.

You would turn an URL such as into and load the new address. It gets redirected automatically to the service that powers the functionality.

The video should play automatically when the new page loads and it will start from the beginning again when it reaches the end.

YouTube Loop

youtube loop

YouTube Loop is another service that you may use. It is not as easy to use as the first as you have to edit two parts of the address to make it work.

To use it, change a YouTube video URL like to As you can see, you have to add loop to the domain name and replace the com extension with net to make it work.

Note that you can go to both sites directly to paste YouTube video urls that you want to play.

Other online services that let you loop YouTube videos:

Browser Add-ons to loop YouTube videos

Browser add-ons integrated directly in the browser and may add repeat or looping functionality directly to any video you play on YouTube.

The approach has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Positive: works directly on YouTube usually so no third-party domain loading at all.
  • Negative: you need to install a browser extension that may use RAM when it is loaded. Also, some add-ons require permissions that are not justifiable, e.g. to run on all sites and not only on YouTube.

I selected extensions that require only permissions that make sense.

YouLoop (Firefox)


Firefox users can check out the browser extension YouLoop - Repeat video/audio endless on YouTube. It enables repeat mode on YouTube automatically so that any video that you play on the site is looped automatically.

A click on the extension icon displays options to disable the functionality, or to repeat only a specific part of the video.

YouTube Repeat Button (Chrome)

The browser extension for Google Chrome adds a repeat button to the video player on YouTube. You need to click on the icon to activate repeat mode. A second click disables it again. The video plays in a  loop automatically when you activate the mode.

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