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Vivaldi 2.0 is just around the corner

If you pay attention to the development progress of the Vivaldi web browser you may have noticed that the most recent development snapshot made a jump to version 2.0 from the previous snapshot version 1.16.

The company releases the first Vivaldi 1.16 snapshot on April 30 and has released new snapshots regularly since then.

The last stable version release of Vivaldi dates back to April as well, a long time in an age where new browser versions are pushed out every six weeks or so. Some users may find the slower development pace refreshing, others may be impatient.

The new snapshot release of Vivaldi does not include super exciting changes but that is to be expected from snapshot releases. Vivaldi was upgraded to Chromium 69 but the bulk of changes fix issues in the web browser.

One change is the new onboarding experience displayed on first start of the browser. Users can load it again at a later point in time by pointing the browser to vivaldi://welcome.

vivaldi 2.0 onboarding

You can check out the Snapshots blog on the Vivaldi website to read up on each snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 2.0 to find out about the changes that it will include, guaranteed.

Today's release of the Vivaldi browser is the first snapshot of version 2.0 of the browser. Users can download Vivaldi 2.0.1295.3 from the official Vivaldi blog or through the browser's automatic update system.

Just select Help > Check for Updates to download the new version if you run a development version of Vivaldi.

vivaldi 2.0 version


Vivaldi Stable users have to wait a bit longer before version 2.0 of the web browser is pushed to the stable channel.

Vivaldi Technologies AS has no set release date for the new version yet and it is likely that we will be seeing one or multiple release candidate builds before the final version is pushed to the stable channel.

It is almost certain that Vivaldi 2.0 will see the light in this month or the next considering that it is likely that the next stable release will be Vivaldi 2.0. The only scenario where this might not be the case is if Vivaldi Technologies needs to push a bug fix or security release to the stable channel.

Vivaldi would not say whether the new upcoming version would include features not already revealed in one of the released snapshots. Considering that we are talking about the third big release of the browser -- the first two were the initial release and Vivaldi 1.0 -- it seems likely that this won't be an ordinary release.

Now You: What do you expect from Vivaldi 2.0?


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