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Windows 10 1903: Set a default Task Manager tab

Windows 10 users may set a default Task Manager tab in the next feature update for the operating system.

Microsoft modified the Task Manager in Windows 10; the company added features to the Task Manager, e.g. to display the GPU performance or process groups. Other changes, especially the limited display mode the Task Manager opens with on first start, were not as well received.

The Windows Task Manager opens the Processes tab when you launch it regardless of which tab was active when you exited it the last time you used it.

Processes provides a grouped overview of running processes starting with applications opened by the user or during system start. It highlights cpu, memory, disk and network use of each process.

Users and administrators may prefer the view that the details tab provides instead; it lists file names of processes, offers more details by default, and displays processes in a single sorted listing instead of multiple grouped listings.

Microsoft implemented a new feature in recent Insider Builds of Windows 10 that gives users an option to set a default tab. Windows Task Manager will open the selected tab when it is launched instead of the default.

Users who don't modify the setting will get the Processes tab as the default just like it is in previous versions of Windows 10 (ignoring basic mode).

windows 10 task manager default tab

Just select Options > Set default tab and pick one of Task Manager tabs to make it the new default. All Task Manager tabs can be selected: Processes, Performance, App history, Startup, Users, Details, Services. You can switch to another default tab at anytime using the menu.

Closing Words

The option to set a default tab in the Task Manager may not be a groundbreaking change or feature, but administrators and users who switch to other tabs regularly may appreciate it nevertheless.

Sometimes, it is small changes that have a bigger impact than larger changes. I use details view all the time and switch from the processes tab to it whenever I open the Task Manager.

Now You: Which tab do you use the most in the Task Manager?

This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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