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Remove Backgrounds from Photos automatically is a new free online service that you may use to remove the background of photos automatically that you upload to the service.

Sometimes, you may want to remove background noise from an image, for instance to copy an object without the background as part of a collage.

The manual approach to remove background from a photo is certainly the most accurate option but it requires a certain set of skills, proficiency with an image editor capable of doing so, that many computer users don't have. is a new service that is free currently. The service automates the process; all you have to do is select a photo that you want processed, and click on the download button once the processing completes to download the processed photo to the local system.

remove background photo

You may select to enter a URL instead if the photo is accessible on the Internet. processes the selected photo; the processing time is relatively short but it depends on the size of the image.

Remove Image Background attempts to detect a person on the photo to keep it visible and remove the background from the image. The service's functionality is limited to people in the foreground right now; it cannot be used to remove the background from photos with objects at the time.

Another limitation is that it limits uploaded image sizes to 8 Megabytes.

The background removal works really well if the photo is accepted by the service. As long as the algorithm identifies something in the photo as a person, it is processed (as you can see when you take a look at the screenshot above).

Closing Words is a handy service for users who need to remove the background from photos. Those with image editing skills may still prefer to use an image editor to remove the background; anyone else may find more than suitable for the job.

Future versions may do away with the "must be a person" limitation so that photos with objects can be processed as well. Options, e.g. to fine tune the result or customize the output would be useful as well.

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