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O&O AppBuster: remove Windows 10 apps (even hidden ones)

O&O AppBuster is a new program in the ever increasing category of programs for Windows 10 that try to increase user control over the operating system.

Next to privacy tools for Windows 10 -- an uncountable number of programs exist in that category -- it is programs like 10AppsManager that let administrators remove installed apps the operating system comes with.

Not all apps that Windows 10 comes with natively are bad. In fact, there are some that users of the operating system might use regularly. Windows Calculator, Snip & Sketch, or Microsoft Photos may fall into that category.

It is undeniable, however, that Windows 10 comes with an ever growing list of apps installed that most users likely don't use at all. Apps like 3D Builder, Mixed Reality Viewer, or Print3D may fall into the category.

All of these applications take up space on the hard drive, and they show up in the Start Menu and in searches.

O&O AppBuster

ono appbuster uninstall windows apps

O&O AppBuster is free for everyone. You can run it after download to get a list of all installed Windows apps (Microsoft Store apps, Universal apps).

Apps are sorted into the normal and hidden category. AppBuster highlights an application's status, e.g. whether it is installed or available, the availability, and how much storage it uses on the device.

Tip: Select Actions > Create a System Restore Point before you remove anything from the system.

You can remove any application that is listed as installed; just click on the box in front of it and select the remove button afterward.The option is available for regularly installed apps and hidden apps.

Hidden apps include Microsoft Edge extensions as well as some apps that Microsoft may not list under Apps in the Settings or the Start menu.

app information

The View menu displays additional application types that you may display in the listing. You may add System apps and Framework apps to the listing but cannot remove them.

A click on an application's name displays additional information such as its installation path, version, or installation date

Any application that is not listed as installed may be installed using AppBuster; just select the application and hit the install button to do so.

You may select multiple apps at once to install or remove them.

The program offers built-in search functionality to find applications quickly which is handy if lots of applications are installed on the device or by the user.

Closing Words

O&O AppBuster is an easy to use application to uninstall installed Windows 10 apps in bulk, and to re-install apps that you may have removed accidentally (e.g. by using PowerShell scripts).

Now You: how do you handle apps on Windows that come with the system?


This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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