Classic Firefox and Firefox fork launcher

Menu_Launcher4multiple_FF is a free batch file for Windows to run different Firefox versions and forks using a shared user profile or different profiles.

Internet users have plenty of options when it comes to Firefox-based browsers. They can use the original version of Firefox maintained by Mozilla, or use any of the available forks. Forks like Palemoon, Basilisk or Waterfox are popular, and while their usage share pales in comparison to that of the Firefox browser, they are used by a dedicated following.

Some users prefer to use several forks as they may have something unique to offer: differences exist in add-on support, web standards support, and also when it comes to the future of the browsers.

While it is possible to launch each browser using a single profile, it is also possible to copy the profile instead or use different profiles for each browser. Doing so leads to issues keeping personal data such as bookmarks in sync.


firefox browser launcher

The batch script Menu_Launcher4multiple_FF attempts to make things easier for users who share a profile between different browsers, or use different browsers with the same or different profiles.

The batch file includes several example configurations that demonstrate how configurations work; you need to edit those as it is likely that profile paths differ (unless your name is Daniel or the random profile folder name is identical).

Open the batch file in any plain text editor after download and start editing the profiles under Section 0. Each profile configuration uses the following variables:

  • Name -- A custom name for the profile that is displayed when you run the batch file.
  • Path -- The path of the browser executable.
  • Profile -- The path of the profile that you want to load when you start the browser.

You can remove configurations if you don't need all six of them, or add even more if you need more.

The batch file displays the list of available browser configurations on start. Just type a number that is assigned to a browser configuration to load it right away.

Closing Words

Menu_Launcher4multiple_FF is a useful batch script for Windows users who use multiple Firefox browsers. You may use it to launch Mozilla Firefox, classic versions of Firefox, Palemoon, Waterfox, Basilisk, Seamonkey, and any other browser that is based on Firefox.

While you can achieve the same using shortcuts on the desktop, taskbar or Start, using the batch file may be more flexible and it reduces the number of icons that you need to maintain to one.

The creator of the batch file describes scenarios where the batch file may be useful:

Do a FF sync with Basilisk2018 but keep as your main browser an updated Basilisk2019(Palemoon Sync)
Run Waterfox on a webpage which is not loading properly with Basilisk.
Run Serpent/Centaury (Basilisk forks) on your WindowsXP 32bits or ReactOS but keep as your main browser an updated Basilisk2019
Run MyPal (PM fork) on your WindowsXP 32bits or ReactOS but keep as your main browser an updated Palemoon

Now You: how do you start Firefox or Firefox-based browsers?


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