Media Player Classic MPC-HC 1.9.0 update brings dark theme support

The developers of the Media Player Classic application MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) have released version 1.9.0 of the media player for all supported operating systems.

Downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems are provided on the official GitHub download page of the project. The built-in update checker, if enabled, should inform users about the new version as well.

The last major release of Media Player Classic Home Cinema dates back to 2018; rumors that MPC-HC would not be supported anymore came up in 2017 but that was not the case after all.  The new version introduces several new features and improvements to the media player.

Tip: check out MPC Black Cinema Edition as well. If you prefer MPV, check out MPV Easy Player or Celluloid.

One of the big new features is the integrated dark theme. It is not enabled by default but users of the application may enable it under View > Dark Theme. A manual restart of the program is required before the new theme is loaded.

media-player classic home cinema 1.9.0 dark theme

The View option acts as a toggle that allows users to switch between the dark and default theme of the media player.

The dark theme features a "more modern looking" seekbar. The height of the bar can be adjusted under View > Options > Advanced by modifying the "ModernSeekbarHeight" value there. Users who dislike it can disable it by setting ModernSeekbar to False on the same page.

MPC users who play videos that are inside archives may have noticed that the player did not support RAR5 playback in previous versions; this changes with today's release as RAR5 playback of media files is now supported officially (uncompressed only).

Another new feature introduces a vertical alignment option for videos; this adjusts black bars that may be displayed depending on media player window size and video resolution so that they are only displayed below the video and not at the top as well.

Subtitles have received several improvements in the new version next to that. The developers added a manual search option to the subtitle download results window; useful if lots of results are returned. PG5 subtitle positioning was improved in version 1.9.0 of the media player, and subtitle texture size was optimized which should improve performance on multi-display devices and may also reduce GPU memory usage.

Other improvements include keybinding setup improvements, the removal of the reliance of connecting to the Internet to figure out the supported languages of OpenSubtitles/SubDB subtitle providers, and basic support for MPC Video Renderer. The renderer is limited to hardware decoding, subtitles, and Pan&Scan currently only.

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